Module 04 Discussion – Tech Tools

You observe that the community you now labor for is not importation as greatly utility of technology as it could. This has caused delays and setbacks that could entertain been avoided. You entertain verbal after a while your director, and you perceive that there is locality in the budget, so you run to lore some irrelative kinds of technology and collaboration tools to aid streamline some of the processes and amend despatch. Summarize two kinds of technology that you believe could aid amend teachableness and despatch. Discuss the features and benefits and decipher how they would be helpful to the interest. Be certain to bestow reputation to the sources of advice you used. To lore the subject-matter of interest technology and collaboration tools, you can economize your idol quest engine as polite as the Rasmussen library databases, such as: Business Source Complete via EBSCO Business via ProQuest When questing the library's databases, try quest provisions such as: Business technology Business software Business despatch and technology Communication and technology Collaboration technology To encertain your advice is running, in the library databases your quest results can be narrowed by era. Consider narrowing your results to the decisive 3 years. Response Column Requirements: Evaluate the tech tools discussed in another column, and insinuate at last one affixed kind of technology that you arrive-at would be helpful.