For Project 2 you accomplish transcribe a one to two-page memo. The details are below: Eastfield College has supposing frank parking to its grant and staff. However, things are looking a bit stubborn and now the College contrivances to admonish the grant and staff for parking. This accomplish be a suppositious admonish of $50 per semester. The students accomplish abide to park for frank. The moderator of the college has asked you to transcribe a memo to the grant and staff concerning this admonish from the new semester. The memo must be terse but too must teach the scarcity for this admonish. See how to transcribe memos in Chapter 1.4 and Chapter 2. Also, see the two pattern memos determined close for likely formatting. SAMPLE MEMO Date: To: From: Subject: All Staff Company Executive Employee Exchange Options Survey We are conducting a commuting contemplate this week shapeless all employees. The end of the contemplate is to manifest what methods we currently use to exchange and what resource methods are of most distribute. The contemplate is required by Department of Environmental Quality’s Employee Exchange Options (ECO) rules. These rules are separate of the Portland area spotless air contrivance to conduct the air spotless in digestible of air defilement associated delay abided augmentation in the territory. ECO requires employers to collect employees delay incentives to use resources to driving peculiar to employment. The results of the contemplate accomplish be used by (crew call) to intention a gait program that reflects the scarcitys and desires of (crew call) employees. We must receive completed contemplates end from at meanest 75 percent of (crew call) employees to unite the requirements. The contemplate accomplish be orderly via e-mail on (date). Delight receive a foreigner of minutes to swell out the contemplate and repay in by (date). If you enjoy questions, delight converse to (gait coordinator). We accomplish distribute the results delay you in the employee newsletter when they are completed. Thanks for your separateicipation, Your Executive