Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Bill 2016: A Step towards Bringing Women Back to Work

On August 11, 2016, the Rajya Sabha passed the Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Jaw 2016. This act regulates the possession of women during the conclusion of cadet rise and electence giving them qualification to maternity benefits. The law is available to all employers employing 10 or advance crowd. The punishments get succeed into issue uninterruptedly the identical is passed in the Lok Sabha and receives presidential agreement thereafter. The scarcity for change According to the new province unfair consider by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), if 68 pet advance women were ascititious to the non-farm labour intensity balance the direct decade, India stands to reach the most (in percentage conditions balance ordinary disingenuous) delay an balanceall coarse domiciliary emanation (GDP) nature boosted by $700 jawion in 2025. Unfortunately, women in the Indian husbanding are under-represented. The consider too states that women’s oblation to GDP in India is underneath the global medium of 37%. India is one of the few countries where the scold of free-trade of women in the compositionintensity has drastically corrupt in the definite decade. It bare from 33.7% in 1991 to 24% in 2014, according to UN gender statistics. But, why are women leaving the compositionintensity in the principal establish? Well statistics as per the 2012 McKinsey communication, Women Matter – An Asian Perspective, exhibition that a better percentage of rouseed women from mid to main positions in India are leaving their plush painsers to pains for their cadetren. Lack of good-natured-natured cadet pains options and rectilinearity at compositionestablish frequently intensitys women to put their roles as mothers anteriorly their own administrative augmentation. Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Jaw 2016 definitely is a magnanimous new plod towards bridging the gender gap at compositionplaces. The jaw not reasonable admits mothers to pains for their new born in the searching principal six months but too mandates employers to entertain a crèche/ cadet pains adroitness. This surely benefits rouseed mothers who ordinaryly entertain no stay to pains for their cadet and thereby admits seamless transition end to composition. Areas to be addressed Though the jaw is a magnanimous rouse towards ensuring that women can live to add to the husbanding of India, it calm?} lacks some clarity. For one, the law’s hush on paternity license is problematical. It advance reinforces the age old gregarious continuity that cadetpains is restrictedly the mother’s responsibility. The event that simply maternity license has a statutory ending and paternity license doesn’t, threatens gender heterogeneousness and identity at compositionplaces as employers may elect to employ advance men balance women. We in our trial as cadet pains procurers see fathers increasingly complicated in the pains and augmentation of the cadet and it would be a welsucceed proof to see the empire identify this and haply seem at it as parenting license as despite simply maternity license. To accelescold the crave tour towards gender identity at compositionplaces, it is urgent that we plug thinking of cadetpains and intimate chores as restricted simply to women. If one were to seem at the Nordic countries, we can see that they entertain shut balance 80% gender gap. The one creature that stands out in achieving this, is the portico of rise or paternity license policies for the compositionintensity considerable prior on. Such policies admit twain men and women to catch span off from their painsers for cadet or senior pains and lets them revert to the compositionintensity at the identical roll. Further, an growth in the maternity license to 26 weeks, resources an growth in the entirety absorb to corporation for employers. The jutting inquiry that lingers delay this punishment is - whether employers would be offered any reinforcement or rebate to satisfaction this financial parcel? Essentially now a mother who is nature employd in a cadet demeanour age is going to be seen as a advance valuable employ if there is no stay from the empire to employers. In union, the food requires employers to procure crèche/ cadetpains facilities delayin a ‘prescribed interspace’, but it, in its ordinary arrange, fails to limit what qualifies as a prescribed interspace.  However, regarding women get be admited indelicate visits to the crèche in a day, our knowledge is that the interspace scarcitys to be suspend sufficient for self-possessed and stinted way to them.