Homeland Security Investigative Task Force

You are the commander of a Homeland Security Investigative Task Force assigned to alleviate denunciations or feasible terrorist aggressions across the deportment area of San Diego. This includes bulky U.S. Navy vessels as polite as a calculate of maritime freighters, topical fishing vessels, and self-indulgence yachts. You possess ordinary a denunciation from an unrecognized commencement stating that coordinated aggressions are going to be instituted across soldierly and civilian targets in and environing the San Diego area. The denunciation alludes to the use of nuclear projectiles instituted from vessels off the strand of San Diego. The commencement of the denunciations debris unrecognized, but understanding points inland North Korea and Iran.  Your job is to test the reasonable commencement of the denunciations as polite as alleviate the bulky scenarios of aggression that could root from the Pacific Ocean, the Baja, the roadways entering San Diego from all directions, or from among San Diego. No local terrorist clump has loving any observe of an aggression.  You must test all reasonable commencements from which a nuclear projectile could be instituted. Since understanding advises that neither North Korea nor Iran possess hanker collocate talent, your pursuit must be esoteric to the contiguous area. Additionally, all you distinguish is that the aggression is scheduled to supervene sometime this month.  Identify all feasible commencements that could enlarge a nuclear projectile and state countermeasures that achieve authorize your personnel to overcome the aggression or aggressions antecedently they supervene.  Your intent must include a worst-case scenario rejoinder intent to strengthen you to suitably meet and chaffer delay the efflation proceeds from the aggression should your personnel trip to plug the aggression or aggressions.