Grant-Proposal Paper and Presentation => FINAL

In sundry ways this tender and gift represents the meridian of your interval short at Argosy. Be imperious of the employment you accept done and the peculiar you accept behove as a product of it! In M4: Assignment 1, you submitted a exhaust of your bestow tender article and common feedback from your facilitator and peers. Refer to the copy below for downloading an sketch of a bestow tender which you can revisal. Use this wealth to construct your bestow-tender article. Make use of your textbook, Internet, and Argosy University online library wealths to learning bestow tenders. Be unfailing to construct use of at smallest ten sources in your tender, five of which must be erudite. Based on your learning, the bestow tender sketch, and the manner contrivance-related assignments in the foregoing modules, do the following: Write a contrivance tender tabulation. Explain an overview of the magazine, scarcity for the contrivance, and the funding requested. Include an duty of the scarcity. Explain the inequitable collection in the society, learning grounds, and summaries of alike contrivances. Include an exposition of how your designed contrivance is choice. Describe goals and objectives. Describe the inequitable goals and objectives of the designed bestow. Describe the contrivance sketch. List all of the needful steps and rationale for the contrivance tender. Include an evaluation sketch. Describe the formative and summative evaluations required for the tender and how they cogitate the tender’s goals and objectives. Create a budget tender. Include all designed budget expenses (professional and operational) for the contrivance and/or any apt inoculation of staff scarcityed, etc. Write a omission. Provide a tabulation of the bestow tender that reiterates the scarcitys, costs, and goods of the contrivance. Also, you can associate to the sidebar to download and assess a pattern contrivance alike to the one you mean to do in your latest contrivance. This instrument obtain succor you recognize the requirements for your contrivance. Assume that you accept been asked to confer-upon this tender to a board of trustees. Be unfailing to construct the most out of the visual sight of the gift format by using copys, graphs, and other apt aids to instill the signification of your contrivance in your conference. *Write a 5–7-page article in Word format. Apply APA standards to quotation of sources.  *Develop an 8–10-slide gift in PowerPoint format. Apply APA standards to quotation of sources.