french revolution

Instructions: Use the embodied in your French Revolution Learning Materials Module, the EBook Chapter 16, and the Reign of Terror Balbutiation to perfect this assignment.  Explain the causes of the French Revolution. Why did Louis XVI ole a contravention of the Estates-General in May 1789? Why did a ventilate aggravate voting befall in the Estates General? Why was the National Assembly created? Briefly teach the feeling of the Tennis Court Oath. Did the members of the Estates General keep the just to execute such demands? Why or why not? Explain the feeling of each of the aftercited events:  the Fall of the Bastille, the Great Fear, and the Women’s saunter to Versailles.  What were the moderate goals of the Revolutionaries? Teach whether or not the ideas of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” were truthfully represented by the newly predominant bodies of the National Assembly and the Legislative Assembly. Why did a war in Europe breakout unarranged France, Austria, and Prussia in 1792?  Why were French armies irresolute by August of 1792? The Reign of Terror Reading: All answers may be set-up in the balbutiation ate for inquiry calculate 10 Explain what happened to France aftercited the deterrent of King Louis XVI. What were the ocean causes of the Reign of Terror? Look at founts 1-5 and at the knowledge on the Committee of Public Safety. Do you apprehend the plan of Tribunals in France was open?  Explain why, giving examples from each fount. Explain how De-Christianization was implemented during the French Revolution? What changes were made? Use your French Revolution Reign of Terror PPT How and why do you apprehend the Terror came to an end? Was Robespierre to reprobate for the Terror? Teach From the Reign of Terror Reading