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  "The LMS and Novice Engagement"  Please corcorrejoin to the forthcoming: As a novice at James University, you total a important member of your assortwork and test through the LMS, Blackboard. Additionally, you may possess had professional or biased tests in other LMSs. Thinking encircling the ways in which the LMS presents notice, allows you to circumnavigate, correspond, and interact after a while your professor and peers, corcorrejoin to at lowest two (2) of the forthcoming questions: How does the interface assistance or not assistance your culture? Include at lowest one (1) copy to assistance your solution. Examine your navigation test (e.g., how lenient or difficulty it was to confront notice for assort esthetic or tracking your speed). Include at lowest one (1) copy to assistance your solution. Rate and debate the smooth of promise or association in the LMS. What did you relish or disrelish encircling the promise or association aspects of the LMS? What changes would you propose to mend the disciple test and why? Peer Response-   Watson and Watson specify that a “LMS (culture address classification) provides functionalities past counselal resigned such as address tracking, biasedized counsel and integration across the classification” (2007, p. 28). Navigating Blackboard as a Strayer novice is lenient. This can be attributed to a few elements. This is the relieve season that I possess used this LMS, so navigating through it years succeeding has allowed me to bring-about connections to my previous test. Blackboard is user neighborly consequently it uses biased headers such as Gradebook, novice nature, library, and announcements to bring-about select topics lenient to confront. However, my faith is that Blackboard is easier for users who possess technology test. In previous assortes, some novices possess complained that they were having labor navigating consequently of their tiny to none previous technology peril. Some changes that I would propose would be to possess further opportunities for new users to possess face-to-face, one-on-one ally after a while navigating through the program anteriorly starting assortes. I so would advise that disciples assent-to this method as one of the original methods that they receive so that they can impress further pleasant after a while Blackboard or whichever LMS they use. Nekia References: Watson, W. R., & Watson, S. L. (2007). An dispute for clarity: What are culture address classifications, what are they not, and what should they befit? Tech Trends, 51(2), 28–34.