Comparative Analysis Problem

Purpose of Assignment  The resolve of this assignment is to aid you discern the basics of financial proposition partition using financial ratios on the effects exception of the adjust subterfuge, facts definition, and how ratios are used to find instinct encircling the skill of receivable.  Assignment Steps  Resources: Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making  Develop an 875-word partition providing conclusions regarding the skill of accounts receivable based on the financial propositions of Columbia Sportswear Company and the financial propositions of VF Corporation including the forthcoming:  Based on the counsel contained in these financial proposition, scold the forthcoming 2014 values for each company:         *  Accounts receivable turnover (For VF, use "Net sales" and suppose all sales                    were honor sales)         *   Average collation date for accounts receivable What conclusions regarding the skill of accounts receivable can be drawn from this facts?  APA Format