Community Learners

  Directions: You procure prime one senior district in the cosmos-people (i.e. East Asia, Europe, Mexico/Latin America, North Africa/Middle East, South Asia/Southeast Asia/Australia, and Sub-Saharan Africa).  Each team limb must adopt a irrelative district. Find a trustworthy spring of season covering a popular episode in your primeed district. Searching for multiple springs of the identical episode is strongly encouraged. Sometimes you rule get insights from opposing views on the identical episode. (You must grasp a LINK to your chosen episode season) Summarize the resigned of the season(s) by briefing who, what, when, where, and how the episode occurs. Tell us what your senior take-away from the episode in provisions of how the episode impacts interdiplomatic transaction. Explain WHY this episode is great to you, us, and/or the interval of the cosmos-people. Name a method question that you skilled in anterior weeks and sift-canvass this anteriorly skilled concept has broadened your reason of the district and episode.  Initial Post: Share your notes in a shaft. Response Posts: Respond to at lowest one teammate stating what you skilled encircling the district as a remainder of the shafted notes and assistance your augury in provisions of what rule fall as the remainder of the popular episode.