Chronic Illness-EC

 Prepare a 3-4 page Position Paper on a particular subject of concern that is akin to the succession contented, but was not habituated in this succession. Yield examples where divert and pointed opinions delay exploration to establish. You are encouraged to economize California Southern University’s Online Library and/or the Internet.In completing the Extra Reputation Assignment, your responses must be general in using terminology and/or concepts presented in the exhortation. Use APA formatting that includes double-spacing, 12-point font delay one inch margins. Be firm to quote your instrument and yield the references using APA format. All extra reputation assignments may be submitted to TurnitinR for reconsideration and verity. References: File Chronic Illness and Mental Health. Book     Larsen, P.D., Whitney, F.W.    (2016).   Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention.   (9th edition).   Burlington, MA   Jones & Bartlett Learning.     ISBN: 978-1284049008 Book     American Psychiatric Association    (2013).   Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.   (5th ed).   Washington, D.C.   APA.   ISBN-13: 978-0890425558  Video Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Addressing Chronic Illness delay Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.   Video Dr Mark Morningstar - Chronic Pain - Auto Immune Disorders 2 of 6.   Video Dr Mark Morningstar Chronic Pain- Failed Back Surgery 6 of 6.   Video Dr Mark Morningstar Chronic Pain- Fibromyalgia- 5 of 6.   Video Dr Mark Morningstar- Chronic Pain- Lyme Disease 4 of 6.   Video Dr Mark Morningstar Chronic Pain Workshop- Sources Of Pain 1of 6.   Video Dr Morninstar Chronic Pain Workshop-Heavy Metal and Chemical Toxicity 3 of 6.   Video How to Live Delay a Chronic Illness.   Video Jon Kabat-Zinn - "The Healing Power of Mindfulness".