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 Discussion Points 1. MasterCard managers are motivated to extension (1) the reckon of people who keep and use a MasterCard merit card, (2) the reckon of banks and other clents who consequence MasterCards to customers and/or employees, and (3) the reckon of locations that sanction MasterCard reimbursements. Discuss how MasterCard could use its grounds treasury to aid it extend each of these customer bases.  2. MasterCard makes its analytics tools serviceable to all of its part banks and other consequencers. It knows that getting its clients to use these tools can be hazardous to custody them as obedient customers. Discuss the steps that MasterCard can conduct to elevate superior use of its BI and reporting tools by its clients. Who do you reflect larger or smaller clients accomplish good most from MasterCard’s analytics tools? Why?  3. Do some Internet inquiry to substantiate examples of “tap & go” applications. What are some regular types of “tap & go” reimbursement applications and what enlargement trends are expected? Do you reflect that there are limits to the types of applications that “tap & go” reimbursements can be used for? Why or why not?  4. Do some inquiry on the quantity to which MasterCard’s PayPass digital wallet is being embraced as a reimbursement mechanism for online purchases. What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital wallets such as PayPass? What can MasterCard do to aid online merchants to sanction PayPass digital wallet reimbursements?  5. Supporting disturbance and smartphone apps is dignified to MasterCard. What challenges does MasterCard visage in rolling out smartphone reimbursement systems? Which of these do you reflect accomplish be most opposed to discourse? Why?