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As a ethnical services conductor, you insufficiency to guileate which program evaluations are most conducive. Plenteous depends on the mark of form and the sort of the services substance evaluated. Perhaps you insufficiency to conceive if a program is working efficiently or reaching its intended target fraternity. You sway cogitate using a program evaluation to delineation for the forthcoming of an form. Not all program evaluations are correspondent. Some test problems in the form that demand regard, period others may fall to arrange conducive advice. It is material to melody strengths and limitations of program evaluations so that you sway chosen the evaluations that are most conducive. For this Assignment, chosen one of the program evaluations samples from the catalogue arranged in this week’s Muniment and cogitate its strengths and limitations. You allure beget a less gift (7–10 slides) on the strengths and weaknesses. As a Walden tyro, you bear a Google email recital (Gmail) and advent to Google tools. You can experience the tools when you log into your recital. For this gift, you can use Google Slides or PowerPoint. If you are new to Google Slides, you can experience muniment in this week’s Learning Muniment to get you launched. In a 7- to 10-slide gift, you should arrange: A style of the program evaluation you chosened. A chart delay two sides: strengths and limitations, using the subtitles totalness, reliability, validity An decomposition of the strengths and limitations that aligns delay your chart, including why you verified them A allusion page in APA format delay 3–5 muniment you used to unfold your gift, including at meanest two from this week’s muniment Support your Assignment delay favoring allusions to all muniment used in its provision. You are asked to arrange a allusion catalogue for all muniment, including those in the Learning Muniment for this method. You should enclose in your allusions at meanest two muniment enclosed in this week’s muniment and at meanest one beyond versed material. Program eval muniment © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 1 of 1 Week 3: Program Evaluation Samples Note: You are not expected to recognize the total program evaluation you chosen. Instead, critique the tabulation or conclusions area to subjoin the advice you insufficiency for the assignment. • Magill, K., Hallberg, K., Hinojosa, T., & Reeves, C. (2010). Evaluation of the implementation of the pastoral and low-income develop program: Final narration. Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development, U.S. Department of Education. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the ERIC database. • Kingsbury, N. (2011). Program evaluation: Experienced agencies prosper a harmonious guile for prioritizing scrutiny. Narration to the subcommittee on slip of government government, the federal workforce, and the District of Columbia, committee on homeland deposit and governmental affairs, U.S. Senate. GAO11-176. U.S. Government Accountability Office. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the ERIC database. • Sanders, J. R., & Nafziger, D. N. (2011). A cause for determining the coextension of evaluation guiles. Journal of Multidisciplinary Evaluation, 7(15), 44–78. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Directory of Open Advent Journals database. • Pereira, N., Peters, S. J., & Gentry, M. (2010). My class activities muniment as used in Saturday addition program evaluation. Journal of Advanced Academics, 21(4), 568–593. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Academic Search Complete database. • Piper, B., & Korda, M. (2011). EGRA plus: Liberia. Program evaluation narration. RTI International. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the ERIC database.  • Gaubert, J. M., Knox, V., Alderson, D. P., Dalton, C., Fletcher, K., & McCormick, M. (2010). The sustaining hale wedding evaluation: Early lessons from the implementation of a alliance and wedding skills program for low-income married couples. MDRC. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the ERIC database. • Curry, S. J., Mermelstein, R. J., Sporer, A. K., Emery, S. L., Berbaum, M. L., Campbell, R. T., & ... Warnecke, R. B. (2010). A open evaluation of fraternity-based youngster halt programs: Guile and implementation. Evaluation Review, 34(6), 487–512. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Sage Premier 2010 database. Resources: Contents of an Evaluation Plan Develop an evaluation delineation to determine your program evaluations are carried out efficiently in the forthcoming. Melody that bankers or funders may omission or blessing from a portraiture of this delineation. Ensure your evaluation delineation is documented so you can constantly and efficiently convey out your evaluation activities. Record abundance advice in the delineation so that someone beyond of the form can conceive what you're evaluating and how. Cogitate the prospering format for your narration: 1. Title Page (call of the form that is substance, or has a product/service/program that is substance, evaluated; era) 2. Table of Contents 3. Executive Tabulation (one-page, pregnant overview of experienceings and recommendations) 4. Purpose of the Narration (what mark of evaluation(s) was conducted, what resolutions are substance aided by the experienceings of the evaluation, who is making the resolution, etc.) 5. Background Environing Form and Product/Service/Program that is substance evaluated a) Form Description/History b) Product/Service/Program Style (that is substance evaluated) i) Problem Statement (in the occurrence of nonprofits, style of the fraternity insufficiency that is substance met by the product/service/program) ii) Overall Goal(s) of Product/Service/Program iii) Outcomes (or client/customer impacts) and Performance Measures (that can be measured as indicators toward the outcomes) iv) Activities/Technologies of the Product/Service/Program (open style of how the product/service/program is unfolded and delivered) v) Staffing (style of the compute of personnel and roles in the form that are appropriate to unfolding and delivering the product/service/program) 6) Overall Evaluation Goals (eg, what questions are substance answered by the evaluation) 7) Methodology a) Types of data/advice that were unmoved b) How data/advice were unmoved (what muniments were used, etc.) c) How data/advice were analyzed d) Limitations of the evaluation (eg, shy environing experienceings/conclusions and how to use the experienceings/conclusions, etc.) 8) Interpretations and Conclusions (from decomposition of the data/information) 9) Recommendations (concerning the resolutions that must be made environing the product/service/program) Appendices: contenteded of the appendices depends on the goals of the evaluation narration, eg.: a) Instruments used to infer data/information b) Data, eg, in tabular format, etc. c) Testimonials, comments made by users of the product/service/program d) Occurrence studies of users of the product/service/program e) Any akin literature Pitfalls to Avoid 1. Don't neutralize at evaluation accordingly it seems far too "scientific." It's not. Usually the primitive 20% of trial allure produce the primitive 80% of the delineation, and this is far ameliorate than button. 2. There is no "perfect" evaluation guile. Don't tease environing the delineation substance infallible. It's far more material to do triton, than to continue until perfect ultimate specialty has been tested. 3. Work distressing to enclose some colloquys in your evaluation methods. Questionnaires don't accept "the anecdote," and the anecdote is usually the most potent depiction of the blessings of your services. 4. Don't colloquy orderly the successes. You'll attain a noticeable dispense environing the program by conceiveing its fallures, dropouts, etc. 5. Don't hurl afar evaluation results once a narration has been produced. Results don't accept up plenteous extent, and they can arrange treasured advice after when up-hill to conceive changes in the program.