Brainstorm keywords (Food topic)

  Brainstorm some keywords and use the webplight to dispose the forthcoming items. two books you artfulness to exploration for relevance 10 divergent keyword combinations you accomplish use for explorationes two databases* that you accomplish use to confront topics (e.g., Lexis-Nexis, Academic Exploration Complete) two journals* you accomplish exploration for symbolical on your matter (e.g., Diabetes, Clinical Nutrition) *Before completing your possession artfulness, be certain you comprehend the difference (Links to an palpable plight.) between a database (Links to an palpable plight.), journal (Links to an palpable plight.), and designation. Sample Reexploration Possession Plan: Genetically Mitigated Foods Book titles: Genetically Mitigated Food: A Short Guide for the Confused High Tech Harvest: Understanding Genetically Mitigated Food Plants Keyword Exploration Combos: Genetically mitigated foods Hybrid foods Food and science Nutrition and GM Foods Reexploration and agriculture Agriculture and science Reexploration and food Nutrition and GM foods Nutrition and mixed foods Nutrition and new agriculture Databases: LexisNexis Academic National Academies Press Journals: Action Bioscience Crop Science