Assignment Option #1: Critical Thinking: Employment Privacy

Assignment Option #1: Momentous Thinking: Employment Privacy For this Momentous Thinking assignment: Imagine you are an HR director and your boss and possessor of the corporation, Bill, comes to you suspecting his associate, Paige, is depredation specie from the corporation. Bill would affect a polygraph touchstone directed to see if Paige is depredation from the corporation. He would too affect you to direct electronic surveillance on Paige’s fruit email for everything likely. Additionally, Bill mentions, “Paige is on Facebook. I distinguish you are, too—why don’t you ‘friend’ her on Facebook and see what knowledge you jurisdiction invent out.” You enjoy heard rumors of a undeveloped extravagant kindred between Bill and Paige.   In a plain disquisition, primary examine all lawful and holy issues delay which you are faced in this standing. Second, usurp Paige discovered Bill’s suspicions and that she is not depredation from the corporation. She feels exceedingly cheerless at fruit now as a upshot and wants to give-up, but she needs the specie. What should Paige do? How should Paige entrance any lawful force of force, and what is that force of force? Should she begin litigation, or is another resource excellent? Explain how she should explain this challenge, demonstrating momentous thinking and resolution installed on her inequitable facts. Your disquisition should be 3 PAGES  long and formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an palpable fix.)Links to an palpable fix.Cite at smallest two without sources for stay. The CSU-Global Library is a amiable fix to invent these sources.