Assignment 2 – Higher education

For Nursing Dissertation #2 students keep the liberty of choosing ONE of the subjoined assignments:      Write a  (3-5 wrap spaced pages) elimination Nursing Dissertation comparing and contrasting two incongruous particularize’s conspicuous advice governance constitution, and organizational constitution. This Nursing Dissertation should stipulate contrast knowledge environing how each particularize finances conspicuous advice, how advice outcomes are assessed in each particularize, and stipulate knowledge environing conspicuous advice goals and initiatives in each particularize. Demographic knowledge for each particularize should portray a elder role in the student’s discourse. Helpful knowledge would conceive but is not scant to: aggregate of students enrolled in  conspicuous advice programs, median age of academy students, online/traditional enrollment statistics, middle quantity of financial maintenance students hold, percentages of pupulace who keep earned degrees, etc for each particularize. The 2 States achieve be chosen by idiosyncratic students. Write a eliminationed Nursing Dissertation (3-5 wrap spaced pages) on the traits, behaviors, skills and competencies needed to be a University/College President. Based upon these desired traits, delineate the fictitious superintendent to manage the discipline you wrote environing in your principal essay.