Ass3 hsa520

Assignment 3: Technology Assessment and Government Regulations You are the grander superintendent of a liberal heartinessprudence form. The grander skill team must selecteded a Heartiness Knowledge Skill Plan (HIMS) for the form that achieve enclose various clinical and authoritative departments. You achieve scarcity to generate and set free a PowerPoint offer that achieve urge your CEO to lapse your clarified HIMS. Your offer so must narrate key aspects of HIMS (electronic medical archives), such as implementation, interoperability, productivity, and livelihood challenges. Use the production you did and the feedback you ordinary from the Week 9 dissuccession when creating your offer. Create a ten to twelve (10-12) slide audio PowerPoint offer succeeding a while logician notes (ultimatum of twenty [20] minutes) in which you: Justify to the CIO the scarcity to incorporate all clinical and authoritative departments into a Heartiness Knowledge Skill Plan in your heartiness prudence form. Select the most momentous and general HIE, EHR, HIPPA, and HITECH decisions in your set-forth. Next, indicate two (2) ways these decisions could application the integration of HIMS in your heartiness prudence form. Include three (3) possible solutions to address these decision challenges. Propose three (3) retirement and bond measures to succor your form’s heartiness prudence providers shun bond breaches and basis waste, while reform allowing them to localize on enduring prudence. Next, eliminate an action contrivance to preserve enduring knowledge that complies succeeding a while HIE, EHR, PHI, and HIPAA juridical requirements. Suggest three (3) key actions to mentor retirement and bond violations that may arise succeeding the HIMS implementation in your heartiness prudence form. Summarize in one (1) slide your key findings. Narrate each slide, using Kaltura or another contrivance, as if you were substantially presenting in face of the auditory. For knowledge on how to use Kaltura to archives your offer gladden sight the Kaltura Succor Document. Use at last three (3) general (2015-2019), kind allusions. Note: Wikipedia and concordant websites do not capacitate as kind expedientss. The  is a grand expedients to place general, kind expedientss. Include your allusions in one slide. Your assignment must ensue these formatting requirements: Format the PowerPoint offer succeeding a while headings on each slide succeeding a while pertinent graphics (photographs, graphs, contract art, etc.) to fix the offer is visually appealing and readable from 18 feet abroad. Check succeeding a while your zealot for any additional instructions. Include a style slide containing the assignment style, your spectry, the zealot’s ample spectry, the succession style, and the era. The style and allusion slides are not moderate in the required compute of slides. Make use of your logician notes to eliminate and prepare on the knowledge contained in your slides. The restricted succession attainments outcomes associated succeeding a while this assignment are: Propose a Heartiness Knowledge Skill Systems (HIMS) and a enduring knowledge preserveion contrivance for a heartiness prudence form. Propose how enduring centric heartinessprudence practices and technology and a HIMS can better heartinesscare. Determine best practices for shuning HIMS failures and breaches. Resight concepts and theories cognate to heartinessprudence knowledge technology and plans, including ethical and juridical standards, strategic knowledge plan contrivancening, and methods for ensuring the bond of enduring knowledge.