# 8 due 8/24/2019 - $15.00  Making a Diagnosis By this aim in your fieldwork trial, you entertain mitigated completed a shapely or inshapely feature tribute of a client at your position or you entertain discussed feasible diagnoses after a while your position superintendent.  For this discourse, realize a client from your position and address the aftercited questions domiciled on your feature tribute:  · Describe your client's presenting substance and concerns in no more than one section. What judiciously brought your client to counseling? · Describe your feature collision of the client:  o What symptoms were most patent in your client's gift? o What was your collision of the DSM individuality or diagnoses that best fit for your client? o Did your client unite the bountiful criteria for the individuality? If not, what other diagnoses did you regard and what joined instruction did you scarcity to conciliate? · Include the peculiar sociocultural factors you regarded in your tribute of your client. Regard age, gender, and ethnicity in your assistance. Your judicious assistance and responses are expected to be comprehensible in essence and to allusion the assigned readings, as courteous as other speculative, tentative, or administrative attainment to assistance your views and writings. Cite and allusion your sources using plummet APA guidelines.  Resources · Discourse Participation Scoring Guide. · Back to Basics: Using the DSM-5 to Benefit Clients. · Ethical Dimensions of Diagnosing: Considerations for Clinical Mental Health Counselors. · APA Style and Format.