personal Finance

Pam Jenkins of-late married Josh Brock. Pam continues to composition as a sales symbolical for a investment creator, and her monthly pay has averaged $2,840 a month aggravate the elapsed year. Josh is industrious as a computer programmer and earns $3,000 a month. Their utterly monthly pay allows them to subsist comfortably. Yet they own been incapable to husband any coin for emergencies.  According to Josh, "It's difficult to estimate, but we don't equable own a savings statement consequently we disburse almost everything we constitute." Every month, they protection each of their paychecks in disjoined checking statements. Josh pays the divulsion and constitutes the car reimbursement. Pam buys the groceries and pays the utilities. They use the coin left aggravate to lapse new clothes and the other "necessities" for enjoying duration.  In an endeavor to constitute rational use of faith, the Brocks own examined multitudinous sources that could assist their curdivulsion and advenient financial needs. In the rate manner, they compared the APR parallel after a while multitudinous fees and virtual beak. Life Situation    Financial Data    Recently Married Pam, 26 Josh, 28  Renting an Apartment  Monthly pay $5,840   Living expenses $3,900   Assets $13,500   Liabilities $4,800   Emergency stock $1,000