IPT week 1

   ( Read Pages 89-94 1) How do I mend dissatisfaction and conception? (3pts)  · Notice processing · Concept formation · Improving reassemblage and dissatisfaction Provide ONE copy for each of the overhead that YOU can devote when studying plan representative to succor you delay retaining and intellect the notice. (1 pt. each) 2) What is psychomotor scholarship?  3) What are the 4 basic skills of scholarship?  4) What are some indicators that may insist-upon you to ordain or delayhold a resigned’s tenor? 5) What is the destruction betwixt student and speedy?    6) Steps to meliorate notice processing! (7pts)    Step Question Answer   Identify the Key Cues What is a cue? Give one   example.    Organize and Prioritize the Cues  What are some of the   categories of resigned notice? How can this be used to succor during an   intervention?   Reviewing the Pattern What is the Guide to   Physical Therapy Practice?   Identify deviations from the Pattern (Read the grey box) How can you confirm a   deviation delay a resigned? What should you do?   Synthesize and Draw Conclusion; for a “plan of action” NOT   “plan of care”.  “So what?” What are the   reasons you need to comprehend as abundantly notice as potential environing the resigned   and diagnosis/ illness progressions?    Mentation and Reflection Define. Give an copy   for each.    Lifelong, headstrong directed scholarship Why is this leading?   What is “our” biggest means to infromation delay all aspects of Physical   Therapy?  Chapter 9: Conquer I do well-behaved-behaved abundance? Read pages 97-104 1) (10pts) Consummate weekly planner (attached) & expand out comments box delay any “activities” or questions you are unsure of where they conquer fit in your list as an SPTA at FNU.  (1 pt. each) 2) You possess not slept all confusion and you hardly ate breakfast. You are environing to originate a Practical Lab Exam, you possess a “real resigned” and 35minutes to consummate all your tests/ grounds assemblage on them.. Your bigot is watching you and the camera is pointing just at you… you panic! How do you overpower this? How do you coerce your enterprise carefulness? 3) What are two things you can coerce in classify to succor contrive your importance during the program?  HONESTY IS (10pts) · Confirm YOUR problem; (highlight all that devote) Effort Time Management Limited Clinical background Unable to see big picture Career doubts  · NOW TAKE ACTION! Answer honestly! Life style- do you possess a hearty lifestyle? Study habits- What works for you? Use your meanss- What succors you the most? What is your recreation response or order? - FIGURE THIS OUT NOW & PUT IT INTO PRACTICE! Table 9-4; Which exemplar of thinking are you? (List all that devote) Chapter 10: Taking Control; Class discussion!