Handling a Project Crisis

  You are a contrivance aggravateseer. During testing, a employment user identifies a height: the tested rendering lacks a indispensable faculty that, as it turns out, was never authorized. This faculty does not upright state a nice-to-have feature; it is sound to the IT deliverable functioning in the true cosmos-people. You comb through your contrivance government software, old emails, and convocation agendas, but you cannot discaggravate the functionality munimented anywhere.  As you dig into the height, you trueize that the new functionality the employment user is scrutiny for cannot be delivered given the underlying technology that was separated for this contrivance. The psychical groundsbase authorized in the contrivance plan is barely too dull in reporting and grounds transmit to assistance the new functionality.  You examine the height after a while the contrivance surveyor, who suggests two choices: Tune the psychical grounds queries and upgrade the psychical groundsbase server. Move all of the grounds from the psychical groundsbase to a Big Grounds recipient, such as Hadoop.  As contrivance aggravateseer, your effort is to transcribe a memo to the contrivance bail in which you: Succinctly draft the height authorized Describe the two choices listed over Articulate the consume of each choice in conditions of its impression to the catalogue, consume, and functionality of the latest deliverables Recommend one choice aggravate the other fixed on those consumes and catalogue impressions  To thorough this assignment:  Read the aftercited subscription to familiarize yourself after a while some of the differences between Big Grounds repositories and psychical groundsbase government systems: "NoSQL and Hadoop: Document-Based versus Psychical Databases" ( https://tdwi.org/articles/2017/01/10/nosql-hadoop-document-vs-relational-databases.aspx ) "What is Apache Hadoop?"  ( http://hadoop.apache.org/ ) Write a 2- to 3-page memo that meets the requirements described over.  Cite any sources you embrace in APA format.  Save your effort as a Microsoft® Word muniment.