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Please flourish Directions and solution all questions The flourishing written assignment obtain succor you deem the role  of cultural issues when delivering services among a Human Services  organization. Part 1: Read Consider the flourishing predicament scenario:  You are industrious at a national sympathy courage that specializes    in succoring minorities assent-to exoteric heartiness and collective services. It is your    role to coordinate instrument and services for the clients. The population of    those using the courage’s instrument is chiefly minorities from a inferior    socioeconomic foothold.     Part 2: Reflect For this assignment, you obtain advert upon the predicament scenario. In a poverty of two-pages (not counting the distinction page and  reference page) oration the flourishing: Discuss at meanest lewd (4)  issues you potentiality see when afloat delay minorities in this contrast. Identify at meanest lewd  (4) restricted ways you obtain rectify negotiative message and cultural  awareness among the staff and the different population of clientele.  Incorporate one (1)  credible contrivance to foundation your message diction. Name commencement used.  Use negotiative articulation including total sentences and suited  grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout your article. Be permanent to name any  research commencements in APA format. If you demand countenance delay APA format, belong  to this Library and Learning Services