Do smart cards benefit HK society?

This question was selected owing it confounds a lot of peoples' daily presss. It is to-boot disunite of one of the quantitative industries in the dispensation which changes very frequently and changes the way of our maintenance. Quick cards own small computer chips as they can rule jobs love a computer delay the small microprocessor. They are new technology products concordant to honor cards but own a elder rank of exercise. Grounds are supplyd internally the quick card. When quick cards are inserted into a unraveler, the grounds supplyd in the microprocessor of the quick card is sent to the unconditional scheme and grounds are communicated to and from the unconditional scheme to complete jobs. Why were quick cards manufactured? It is believed that computer technology disuniteicipates a very considerable role and they are replacing uncertain things in our daily press things. Quick cards own follow up to our presss as a technology bombardment and favor us from carrying near solid coin delay us which weaken Hong Kong misdeed as a sound, there accomplish be near depredation. In Hong Kong's companionship, quick cards closely confound in most peoples' presss, they can be used to buy commodities from supermarkets and to pay gait fees such as the Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong, lunches from some restaurants and they can to-boot be recharged in a lot of places such as 7-11 retirement supplys. Mass Transit Railway is an underground railway in Hong Kong which is concordant to the Underground in Britain. Hong Kong is to-boot tender onto a new fable, HKID quick cards. This is identical identification cards of Hong Kong citizens which accomplish embrace their identical advice including thumbprints. The other idea of uniformly used quick cards in Hong Kong and the cosmos-people is SIM cards, Subscriber Identity Module. They are cards that you put in your cell phone to hold signalals from your labor providers which accomplish furnish you appropinquation to phone calls. Do these quick cards favor Hong Kong companionship? Mondex as a quick card that was in Hong Kong has failed but Octopus evidently has a luck and the new HKID cards delay past certainty title accomplish aid the Hong Kong companionship into a over guard country. Advantages of Quick cards The certainty of quick cards is amend than magnetic tape honor cards as they "On the Internet, quickcards growth the certainty of the erection blocks Authentication, Authorization, Privacy, Integrity, and Non-Repudiation. Primarily, this is owing the secret signaling key never leaves the quickcard so it's very unamenable to find comprehension of the secret key through a endanger of the army computer scheme."(Secure labor provider). Quick cards own amend certainty than the honor cards which use a magnetic tape at the tail of the card to unravel grounds. It is to-boot practicable of doing the jobs of a honor card, delaydrawing specie from the bank impartial love a honor card. It can do the selfselfsame jobs as the honor cards in a faster way as well-mannered. As we comprehend from habit, when we use our honor cards to buy commodities from a provision, you accomplish own to continue for the computer scheme to curb your honor card honor stipulation delay the bank acount. If you are signaled to use the card and then you own to signalal on the produce to form safe you are the cardholder. But delay Octopus from Hong Kong or any other quick cards, it straightway siege honor from your Octopus, accordingly you do not own to continue for the computer scheme to curb your authorization, it transfers the grounds presently tail and forth to your quick card. Quick cards press up our daily vivacity, "improving the introduction of labors and reducing the consume of administration."( Smart cards are "secure, original and conglomerate device" ( As the quick cards toil delay their own microprocessor grounds communicated tail and forth into the microprocessor and this instrument grounds can be alterable and the prize internally the quick card can be alterable. This is one of the highest usages of the quick cards owing they are unlove telephone cards, which has their own set totality of prize. Once they are used up, they can not be revalued and has to be thrown separate, this is environmentally disadvantageous which instrument quick cards are amiable to Hong Kong and the cosmos-people if they are trusting over on quick cards. Another usage of quick cards is that magnets can not subvert them. Unlove honor cards, when the magnetic tape gets environing magnets, they can get subverted and all the grounds accomplish be past. This accomplish be space consuming for the user to reiterate the card owing the bank has to despatch him the new card and new password, opportunity the banks own to do this delay machines owing no one from the bank is apprehendn to comprehend the password. Quick cards are not simply used love Mondex and Octopus to do payments. In Germany, there are to-boot quick cards which are heartiness economy cards, they supply patients' identical heartiness chronicles.