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Unit 8 argument Describe a city in the particularize of Georgia that has DECLINED in population. Effect indisputable you indicate the city, narrate it location in the particularize, and decipher why its population has decayd-away. Cite your (3) references in MLA or APA format. Now explore Atlanta whose population continues to amplify and presents totals environmentally installed upon its amplifyth. Present a reredisentanglement for the commerce redundancy in Atlanta.   Critique the reredisentanglement presented by at smallest TWO of your equals delay whom you dissimilate and decipher why to dissimilate delay them in their column. Compare and opposition the 2 cities (the one in which population is base to Atlanta). Specifically discourse how areas in the corresponding particularize (and probably not that far from one another) can be so dramatically divergent, as polite as what largely contributes to these differences. 1. After doing some examination, I base out that Albany, Ga has seen balance a 6% modify in population late 2010. Albany is a town in southwest Georgia that is located on the Flint River. Balance the late decade, Albany has been symbolical to multifarious original disasters that recognize displaced residents.  I deem that one way to abate the commerce redundancy in Atlanta is to imagine a notorious subway or demeanor classification that is past appealing and handy than the bus. By adding affixed instrument of low-cost demeanor, residents are past slight to not obtain?} their special behavior totalwhere they go.  Bibliography: “Albany, Georgia.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 23 Nov. 2019, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albany,_Georgia. Kueppers, Courtney. “As Atlanta Grows, Some Georgia Cities Continue to Shrink, Data Shows.” Ajc, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 21 Oct. 2019, www.ajc.com/news/atlanta-grows-some-georgia-cities-continue-shrink-data-shows/DXXFoNCk4pKSZ26Wqiz67M/. Sotra, Maria. “7 Smart City Solutions to Reduce Commerce Congestion.” Geotab Blog, 14 June 2019, www.geotab.com/blog/reduce-traffic-congestion/. 2. I chose the city of Reidsville, GA. According to the website, localistica, Reidsville’s population has abated by 3,005 late the 2010 Census and amplifyth is -222.90%. (localistica, n.d.) Reidsville is located in Tattnall county which is approximately 67 miles Northwest of Savannah in Southeast Georgia. Reidsville is residence to Georgia Particularize prison. It is a very melodious town. The merely infer I deem the discard has bechanceed is that there is not plenteous toil and inhabitants leaner to bigger cities to recognize adit to past things. When we opine of Atlanta, they are opineing of metro Atlanta, which is made up of 28 Counties,  has a population of balance 5 pet inhabitants. (Jurney, 2014) When in substance the city of Atlanta has merely 939,286, a 4% amplifyth. Inhabitants wheedle any city nigh Atlanta when in substance, they're a lot of cities exclusive Atlanta.  What should bechance, is that MARTA should amplify to past areas. As of true now, there merely two of the twenty-eight counties that recognize MARTA tracks. The total delay getting past is that you recognize to fruit delay so multifarious divergent county and city governments. This a daunting function. The particularize demands to trudge in and succor flow what to do. Maybe lay some husk of tax that conquer succor capital increasing MARTA’s outreach.  References (n.d.). Retrieved from localistica: http://localistica.com/usa/ga/reidsville/ Jurney, R. (2014, October 5). How can Atlanta's commerce totals be solved? Retrieved from Quora: https://www.quora.com/How-can-Atlantas-traffic-problems-be-solved One chapter for argument and 4 judgment for equal response -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Student responses  3 judgments each 1.1. Were you surprised at the exoteric largeness of the civilized population or at its modifys late your year of rise?  The year I was born, the population of the universe was 5,905,050,000. From 1996, the population has productd to 7,713,470,000 which instrument it has varied by 1.31. The product in population late I was born surprised me the most. I am merely 22 years old and the population has productd by 1.31 and is persistent to product as we discourse.  2. How multifarious inhabitants do you deem the Earth can foundation delayout monstrous environmental mischief?  Some compliants deem the Earth can foundation from 9 to 10 billion inhabitants, but uniform these compliants cannot conclude up delay a ascertained enumerate accordingly there are so multifarious variables that conclude into delineate. So late I am not uniform suspend to entity an environmental compliant or pupil of any rank, I can merely obtain?} the message of those compliants and endure and see what bechances.  3. Should familiar countries succor inert the population amplifyth of developing countries? If so, what ranks of methods should be assiduous to do this? No, accordingly we are not God and we should not repress the product of civilized existence. God, entity the last suit, conquer determine how plenteous existence this planet can maintain, no stuff what husk of plans "experts" effect. However, it does not confer us the true to be wild in our instrument.  We demand to use the compliantise of familiar countries to conclude up delay ways to advise developing countries on how to maintain husbandry, and infiltrate sources and not to document the instrument they recognize. We should obtain?} wariness of the planet true as God monstrouscted Adam and Eve in the work of Genesis (Genesis 1:26). https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis+1%3A26&version=NIV 2.In Valdosta and the exclusive area, recycling is manufactured through curbside select up. The offal companies cater a 19 quart recycling bin delay a register of items that they conquer recognize. It is up to each conversant to flow whether they lack to recycle or not. The city of Valdosta medium 45-50 tons of recycled symbolical per week. The wide superiority entity yielding, pamphlet, and glass products. Each ton recycled is one hither ton placed in the landfill. This in alter extends the existence of the county landfill. Of all the properties in Valdosta, merely 30% recycle. I would ascertainedly affect to see that enumerate embrace or uniform triple. The wide superiority of equal products recycled could be altered into past pamphlet thus reducing the enumerates of trees entity harvested. I deem that the recycling in my area is estimate it. It is guardianship tons of offal out of the landfill, and its so unconstrained delay roadside selectup. 3.I speed in Suwanee, Georgia and in-great-measure anything is recyclable bar any cast of imperilled decay, yard decay, wooden or cloth effects, appliances containing Freon, and erection decay. In my town, we recognize curbside recycling (which I opine is truly handy and unconstrained) so, we recognize two divergent colored nonsense cans, one for nonsense and the other for recycle. The recycling traffic concludes through my vicinity two to three times a week accordingly not totalone recycles and inhabitants lean to recognize past nonsense than recyclables. My parentage has been recycling late I was a child and stagnant religiously recycles up to this day. We recognize two divergent nonsensecans within our lineage in the kitchen, one for nonsense and one for recycling. One symbolical I would appropriate are yielding bags that we heave residence our groceries in. In-great-measure total only grocery and hawk place-of-business uses yielding bags but when recycled, they can be reused and altered into yielding encumber, which then is used to effect close benches, endyard fences, and uniform some delineateground equipment! Yielding bags can so be recycled into new yielding bags as polite. There are a bunch of vicinitys in Suwanee, which usually instrument a lot of families and a lot of grocery and hawk shopping and yielding bags. Recycling yielding bags in my area would be truly salubrious for the sympathy and could alter into past benches and fences built from the yielding bags. Works Cited: “Convenience Centers.” Forsyth County Georgia, www.forsythco.com/Departments-Offices/Recycling-Solid-Waste/Convenience-Centers. “What Plastics Can Become.” Recycle Your Plastics, www.recycleandrecoverplastics.org/consumers/kids-recycling/plastics-can-become/. 4. pamper end and suit to argument questions on one of the slides in the ice caps powerpoint that i conquer upload 5. pamper end and suit to argument questions on one of the slides in the civilized balancepopulation in china powerpoint that i conquer upload