discussion 6 MIS

  Week 6 Discussion Product Proposal and Exploration Engines/Electronic Marketing After reviewing the assigned balbutiation materials, total the subjoined activities: 1.  Develop a work employment proposal. A. Describe the work/employment including the benefits of using the work/service B. Discuss the undeveloped customers for this work/service 2.  Based on the affection of the work/service, approve at lowest 3 feasible ways to negotiate the work electronically. Your promptings must enclose at lowest one exploration engine. Describe your approveations and argue the advantages and disadvantages of each. Complete your ocean patronage no posterior than Friday of week 6. Read and tally to at lowest 2 of your classmates’ patronages. Below are attached promptings on how to tally to your classmates’ argueions: Ask a sharp scrutiny, substantiated succeeding a while attached contrast notification, averment or lore. Share an instinct from having interpret your colleagues’ patronageings, synthesizing the notification to procure new perspectives. Offer and patronage an choice perspective using balbutiations from the classroom or from your own lore. Validate an proposal succeeding a while your own proof and attached lore. Make a prompting inveterate on attached averment drawn from balbutiations or succeeding synthesizing multiple patronageings. Expand on your colleagues’ patronageings by providing attached instincts or contrasting perspectives inveterate on balbutiations and averment.