Data Analytics Cases/JMP

  In popular years a greater propel in interest is to achievement interest basis in appoint to streamline the operations or emend income via basis analytics tools such as SAS, SPSS, Tableau, R, JMP, etc.   In this race we conquer individually knowledge such anatomy via JMP.  There are events in Blackboard that you can manner on and they are wilful explanatory.  Your deliverables is the answers to the practices at the end of each event charmed in Word or other formats, then upimpute the rasp into Blackboard. You may not be efficacious to do all the practice questions, which is generous.  You should do a stint of 2 events. Further instruction conquer be fond in systematize.    The basis analytics software we use is JMP, from SAS.   The key is for each of us to be laagered to these basis visualization, basis anatomy, and ominous analytic tools.  You may possess effected that at toil delay SAS, SPSS, Tableau, R, etc.  those conquer be generous too.   the basis rasps should be efficacious to impute in other software, but I possess not try that. In this race the events conquer use JMP for collection solving, basis visualization, multivariate anatomy, ominous analytics, etc