APA Format Paper

ITS 631 Monograph #2 (Chapters 5 - 8)                                   20 Points Possible                                                     Open Textbook and Resources APA format is required - USE THE APA TEMPLATE. Each topic underneath must be addressed in your monograph. Use an in-text appellation to substantiate each topic. Each topic must so embrace expend APA-formatted citations which contest liberal references at the end of the monograph, supported your responses. All references should be from the years 2015 to exhibit day. Each individuality should be at lowest 2-3 paragraphs in prolixity. Review the rubric that earn be used to evaluate this monograph. Describe the establishment of Deming’s “14 Points.” Read the case: Katz Carpeting, adapted in the Operations Management textbook, Chapter 7.  If formation of standards and specials is disjoined, how contrariant earn JIT implementation be for formation of the contrariant products? Explain what would be needed in JIT implementation for twain products. Describe the two aspects to implementing the six-sigma concept. Describe the ten guidelines for selecting prospect software.