A Guide to Using Technology in your Classroom

Prior to rise production on this assignment, recognize or resurvey the following: Promoting Responsible and Ethical Digital Citizens (Links to an apparent locality.), The Relationship Between Technology and Ethics: From Society to School (Links to an apparent locality.), Consent Forms: Photos, Video, Audio & Testimonials (Links to an apparent locality.), Debating the Usage of Digital Devices in the Classroom (Links to an apparent locality.), What Are the Pros and Cons of Edtech in the Classroom? (Links to an apparent locality.), Pros, Cons of Technology in the Classroom (Links to an apparent locality.), Read portion seven in your Enhancing Acquirements Through Technology (Links to an apparent locality.) extract and Academic Integrity. For this assignment, you gain imagine a regulate to using technology in your classroom. To confer-upon your regulate, you possess the non-interference to imagine tractate. Assignment Instructions In your Regulate to Using Technology in your Classroom, harangue these five criteria: Summarize the pros of incorporating technology into the training and acquirements course. Explain methods you possess put in assign to determine learner protection time using technology in the classroom. Describe what is considered delicious netiquette in your classroom. Summarize your expectations for academic entireness in the classroom. Create a resources acquiesce frame to sanction learner utilization of technology in the classroom. Design Your own Brochure Brochures are informative tractate documents frequently used for advertising. All good-tempered-tempered tractates gain enclose visual elements. The images you fine should supply your extract.