Quick 2 page Accounting Paper on Internal Controls. DUE TODAY.

The forthcoming assignment is due today by 7:30 pm US Central period.  Please use the template vocable muniment adown to total your assignment.  Thanks.    The Instance of Internal Controls in X Union and Ms. Smith  On a affectionate summer day in existing July 2011, Ms. Smith of the maintenanceer  team of X Union sat in her appointment preparing a petition construct for rule  excursion charge acquittal. She strong munimentation in maintenance of  the require of the air excursion duty of her planned stumble, which she had  booked recently and endwardness using her idiosyncratic honor card. The  organization where Ms. Smith worked did not own a corporate excursion  account. After signing the construct, Ms. Smith walked to the appointment of the primary  financial appointmentr (CFO) to ask for his praise of the petitioned  reimbursement. The CFO, who knew Ms. Smith well-mannered-mannered and had worked after a while her  at a anterior union, chosen in gregarious dialogue. He straightway  glanced at the muniments, not bothering to look-into them or re-examination the  total require of the stumble, since he trusted in Ms. Smith's accuracy. The  CFO initialed the construct and gave it end to Ms. Smith, who then went to  see Alex, the Accounts Payable clerk after a while whom she had also worked at  the anterior union. She wanted Alex to presently mode her excursion  charge acquittal petition and support a wire assign of $6,250 into  her idiosyncratic bank recital. Alex was merely too merry to further her after a while  what he must own considered a rule job. He was engaged after a while other  tasks and did not obtain?} the convenience to re-examination the specialtys conjoined  after a while the excursion charge acquittal petition. Alex presently  initiated the wire assign, raspd the muniments into Ms. Smith's folder  for her stumble, and then moved on to the cessation of his engaged day. Upon  returning from her stumble, Ms. Smith did not rasp a reconciling charge  construct after a while strong produce of her stumble. Required: Discuss in specialty at last three mislaying  internal controls, the reasons why these controls are essential, and a  remedy in the instance of X Union and Ms. Smith. Your well-mannered-written article must be 2-3 pages, in analysis to style and  reference pages. The article should be constructatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Cite at last two peer-reviewed sources, in analysis to the required balbutiation for the module.