project presentation

you conciliate present your explanation of the moment of the ultimate two phases of the Grounds Analytics Lifecycle: Communicating the Results and Operationalizing. You feel thoughtful different analytic orders, along after a while geometry different adapted tools and techniques. But as a Grounds Scientist, you must besides join what your team has wellbred.  For your assignment you conciliate beget a Ultimate Sponsor Presentation. You feel been paid by Aetna to use big grounds to ameliorate resigned bloom. The plight examine you conciliate use can be rest at: .  Your assignment is to seize this plight examine and beget a PowerPoint Presentation of the Ultimate Sponsor Presentation, as picturesque in Chapter 12 of your passage. (Make positive to use the format presented in Chapter 12.)  you can perceive the embody for passage capacity near ( )  You conciliate refer a PowerPoint Presentation smooth (ppt or pptx) after a while at last the forthcoming slides: (You can refer further, but I'm principally looking for these six slides)  Title (Your indicate + other info) Situation and Project Goals Executive Summary Approach Order Description Recommendations  *****Note: Tnear is no straightforward knowledge in the plight examine that covers the local analytics orders used. You conciliate extrapolate from the granted knowledge in the plight examine and agree your own explanation of the order (or orders) the Grounds Science team used. Draw from what we feel habituated this semester and map what you skilled to what that team probably did. Tnear is no rubric for this assignment. I failure you to be as conceptional as potential. Tell the fable. Inspire your sponsors.