Roles of Healthcustody Professionals This assignment allure be at last 1500 language or past. Reflect on the roles of nurses, and other sanitycustody professionals as the roles of physicians in the sanitycustody plan moves from one of agoing in silos to a past transitional value-based plan. Write a paper that discusses in specialty why a value-based plan may ameliorate sanity custody in the U. S. and discourse the subjoined questions: How has floating management transformed the floating action of nurses, physicians, and other sanitycustody professionals? What difference can you construct between physicians/healthcustody providers agoing in a fee-for-service plan and a value-based custody plan? How do you purpose shared jurisdiction between physicians and nurses in your sanitycustody plan? How does it contact custody? Assignment Expectations Length: 1500-2000 language in length Structure: Conceive a name page and intimation page in APA format. These do not sum towards the minimal account totality for this assignment.  Your essay must conceive an commencement and a quittance. References: Use the embezzle APA name in-text citations and intimations for all media utilized to repartee the questions. A incompleteness of two (2) erudite sources are required for this assignment. Format: Save your assignment as a Microsoft Account muniment (.doc or .docx).