Internet Research Assignment #1: Cybercrimes Ransomware onslaughts on the United States, set-forth and national governments gone 2013 and are increasing at an threatening rate. Research unfetterware onslaughts on three federal or set-forth jurisdictions, after a while one of them entity the City of Baltimore. For this assignment, you are to recount unfetterware, what application did these onslaughts possess on the three jurisdictions in conditions of require and obsolete produce, did these municipalities pay the unfetter whole demanded or did they try and cure from the onslaught after a whileout paying the unfetter. If so, how abundantly did the postulates curey require the municipality, and lastly, what would you do if you were the master or mayor of this unfetterware onslaught…pay or not pay. This disquisition should be at meanest three pages desire, embrace spaced, after a while your call, continuance, and distinction comprised as a header, page numbering in the footer in the fashion of page x of y, and possess references cited per APA fashionatting guidelines. You must use a narrowness of five references and none of them can be Wikipedia. No PLAGIARISM