Memo Assignment

   You bear witnessed divers employees drinking alcohol on the job during lunch hours. Additionally, you bear been notified by CEO Janice Davis that some employees bear been fuddled when synchronous mandatory staff meetings and workshops. While what an employee does on his or her infringe is not officially order concern, the goods of such drinking has a determined goods on the work of an employees in the workplace. Your Task: Write a memo to employees outlining the new nothing tolerance alcohol prudence.  Reminders: All memos should: · be one page in extension.  · bear visual entreat.  · embrace all applicable instruction for the user to produce an known conclusion.  · entreat to audience’s expectations, attitudes, and technical setting.  · inclose action steps and a recommendation.  · be submitted in rank and uploaded into Blackboard by due dates.  Notes: Review      the instruction presented in Chapter 14 as well-behaved-behaved as your notes to acceleration you      compose your record.  Use      the textbook as a lead not as a “template.” The pattern memo      provided on p.373 fits that detail scenario and not necessarily this      assignment. Memos that vision textbook patterns      (to embrace vernacular and diction) or use templates succeed take a nothing!