Assignment 1: Exploration Activity: ThAssignment 1: Exploration Activity: The Alter in Society You may enjoy heard the byword, “The singly invention that is steady is alter.” Paying study to the alter all environing you can acceleration you to ameliorate discern your globe. For this week’s Exploration Problem, you succeed use tone techniques to authenticate how a question of your share has alterd and is changing aggravate season. To plan for this Assignment: Read the required lection from this week’s Learning Resources. Choose a question of share where you can see a alter. Review almanacs, newspapers, magazines, or pursuit on the Internet to confront two graphs from the question of share you enjoy separated that semblance grounds changing from year to year that you confront shareing. Choose sober models in the construct of graphs: In one graph, the grounds values should be increasing proportionately steadily. In the remedy graph, the grounds values should be decreasing proportionately steadily. By Day 6 Assignment (1–2 pages including the shadows): Create a 1- to 2-paragraph epitome including the following: An exposition of the question you chose and the grounds that has alterd from year to year that you confront shareing A patronymic of the sober models, in the construct of graphs, used to explain how the grounds has alterd A vindication of why you judge inventions are changing An exposition of how you judge this alter potentiality seek you in the close or asunder future A vaticination environing what potentiality supervene in the future An identification and introduction of any mode that potentiality seek the correction of the vaticination Include the shadows of your graphs. You may suggest the shadow into a Microsoft Word muniment. Make unfailing one is semblanceing an acception and one is semblanceing a lower. Cite the media from where the graphs came from.