Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality Fall 2010 WGST 304/SOCY 304/ POLI 305/AFRO 398R Section 001 Meeting Times: TTH 9:30-10:45AM Location:Currell College 203 Instructor: Dr. Sharon Lee White Phone: 777-4007(Please concession observe) E-Mail: [email protected] sc. edu Office Hours: By ordinance simply Series Description: This multidisciplinary series is intended to scrutinize unromantic and contemporary aspects of family, political tabulate, gender, and sexuality.Focusing on the intersection of family, tabulate, gender and sexual orientation, this series gain perpend how the convergence of these identities cast the lives of men-folks, institutions, and connection as a gross. We gain besides scrutinize the multitudinous size of claim, stratification, and cruelty and opposition as courteous as racism, sexism, tabulateism, heterosexism and the overall systemic regularity of these and other “isms. ” Series Objectives/Learning Outcomes: 1. Students should be effectual to inform an recognizeledge of the intersection of family, political tabulate, gender, and sexual orientation. . Students should be effectual to inform an recognizeledge of how the convergence of the overhead identities allow deep consequences for men-folks, institutions, and connection as a gross. 3. Students should be effectual to examine the theories about the origins of these intersections and the structures and forces that frequent them and stabilitate their creature. 4. Students gain inform recognizeledge of dissonance by gender, family, political tabulate, and sexuality. Required Texts: 1. David M.Newman, Identities & Inequalities: Exploring the Intersection of Race, Tabutardy Gender, and Sexuality, (McGraw Hill, 2007). Availeffectual at the Russell House Bookstore 2. Articles Provided by the Instructor (Posted on Blackboard) 3. Films gain be shown throughout the semester to flattery the balbutiations and/or elucidate the themes examineed in lectures and balbutiations. Series Requirements and Grading Scale: |Assignments |Total Points | |Four (4) Exams.Each Exam gain calcutardy 100 points |400 | |1 Reflection/Reaction Paper* |100 | |Final Writing Assignment* |100 | |Final Exam |100 | |TOTAL |700 | *See passion to Syllabus Your Final Remove gain be Determined as Follows: Total Points |Numerical Remove |Letter Remove | |662-700 |95-100 |A | |627-661 |90-94 |B+ | |592-626 |85-89 |B | |557-591 |80-84 |C+ | |522-556 |75-79 |C | |487-421 |70-74 |D+ | |452-486 |65-69 |D | |451 and under |64 and under |F | Carriage and other Responsibilities: This is a collaborative tabutardy after a while marrow on examineion. Participation and carriage are compulsory if we are to be causative. After a while this in choice, fascinate be reminded that University plan allows me to descend your series remove by one communication or past if you overlook past than 10% (3 for TTH) of our scheduled tabutardy meetings and miscarry you for overlooking past that 25% (7 for TTH).There is no disagreement among an “excused” and “unexcused” omission, bar in extenuating plight. For a past consummate sense, fascinate connect to The College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Student Bulletin. • I gain cast all written communications to students through Blackboard. Fascinate constitute fast that you inhibit it frequently. • It is your calling to maintain up after a while balbutiations and assignments if you are lukewarm. Fascinate do not ask me for examineion notes that you overlooked consequently of omission or inaction. You may, nevertheless, ask me to release everything that you did not recognize from any of the lectures. I strongly recommend that you get to recognize and diversify continuity advice after a while your tabulatemates. All assignments are due at the origin of the tabutardy on the due date. I gain not sanction tardy assignments. • No constitute-up exams gain be dedicated. They gain be posted to Blackboard for at meanest three (3) days. • Fascinate be advised that cell phones, I-pods, Mp3 Players, and other electronic devices should be tart off during tabulate. You may use a computer to siege notes, nevertheless, if you are observed surfing the net, inhibiting e-mail, etc. , you gain be asked to concession and be remarkable lukewarm for the day. Likewise, if you are caught text-messaging, or balbutiation materials not allied to this tabutardy (newspapers, magazines, etc. ) you gain be asked to concession and be remarkable lukewarm. Students after a while disabilities and/or particular needs should inform me instantly for help after a while any compulsory arrangements and/or accommodations • All students are expected to supervene the Carolina Creed. Plagiarism gain not be tolerated. If you are caught cheating or plagiarizing, you gain take an F for the series. Fascinate interpret your Carolina Community Bulletin for the specification and past advice on plagiarism. A Particular Note: Some materials that we shelter in this tabutardy may dare your indivisible avowal and may be completely irrelative from what you or I consider. Due to the impressible regularity of some of the topics, it is expressive that we try to halt extrinsic.Most expressively, it is my eager to constitute this tabutardy a “safe space” for deferential self-expression and casually you or your tabulatemates may divide indivisible advice pertaining to our examineion. I ask that we maintain such disclosures private. Series Schedule for WGST 304/SOCY 304/ POLI 305/AFRO 398R Fall 2010 *Please be advised that I backwardness the straight to vary the syllabus at anytime during the semester. If I ascertain it compulsory to do so, I gain constitute an trial to surrender you reasoneffectual observe of the changes. Fascinate conclude to tabutardy responsive to examine balbutiations on the assigned date/day