Essay on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Essay on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe What connections do you see among elf tales, allegory and epics and C.S.  Lewis’s fantasy The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?  Transcribe an essay in which you discourse this interrogation.  You should be efficacious to transcribe at last two pages (inclose spaced).  You are positively unoccupied to transcribe more. Process… Be positive to regard all the likely angles in obedient the basic interrogation.  Here are a few things to regard: Are there aspects of the size that remind you of local tales or allegorys or epics? Think environing the kinds of characters you encounter in this size.  Do any remind you of either local elf tale/myth/epic characters – or types of characters that you met in elf tales/myths/epics? Think environing situations.  Do you see any similarities to situations build in elf tales, allegorys, epics? Think environing what the size “means.”   Can you frame any connections to significances build in elf tales/myths/epics? In agreement your essay, gard environing how you obtain shape your discourse.  You deficiency to accept a illiberal taking, followed by discourse exception, followed by the falsification. Write an draft or project of some manner.  Think environing quoting from the size itself to aid prop your discourse. Be positive to regard significance in your discourse.  (We can besides use the term “theme” as a way of discourseing this sympathy.)  What are the ideas (or themes or significances) that C.S. Lewis seems to be sympathyed environing in this size? Evaluative criteria… Does the discourse frame comprehensible connections among elf tales, allegorys, and epics? Does the discourse accrue focused and well-organized throughout? Is the essay carefully proofread and justly formatted?