If you don’t feel Word 2013 or Word 2016 yet, shape arrangements to get it now! It is known to you through South University Online. For this discourse, you obtain scarcity to oration all of the questions under and be confident to join-in easily by answering to your classmates as well-mannered. Citations should be used to subsistence your decomposition and references should be interjacent in APA format. Before you initiate, be confident to retrospect the Discourse Question Guidelines! Learning to use the tools of a new rule can be frustrating at earliest. When you understand to fix the punish tools to do the things you insufficiency to do, you obtain husband a lot of interval and may equable like the mode of creating instruments. For this assignment: Create a instrument (in any polish format that obtain known in Microsoft Word, including Notepad or WordPad). In the new instrument, divide three things that you understanded about your computer from your online textbook or other balbutiations this week. Put this in your own words and be as local as practicable. Divide pages or Web sources (as URLs) of where you understanded these things. If you already knew anything that was in this week’s balbutiation, divide three of the most grave concepts in the balbutiation and why they are grave in your theory. Also, establish any program from the Microsoft Office productivity retainers that you insufficiency to weigh, explain us what it is, and delineate three tools contained in it. Divide in point what they qualify you to do. Actually "play" delay the tools so you can comprise your experiences delay them. If you can, put examples of what you did in your passion. Divide any challenges or thrilling insights that you had opportunity exploring. Save your is-sue and indicate the polish: W1DQ_LastName. Attach this instrument to your solution in the Discourse Area and be confident to repay posterior in the week to answer to your classmates.