Aurora Biosciences Corporation

This is one of those picket and shovel companies in the Biotechnology sector. ABSC designs and clears garbage clue technologies and employments. Aurora Biosciences is clearing a order using fluorescent prove technologies and ultra-high-throughput curtaining orders (UHTSS) to avow researchers to subdue sundry limitations of transmitted garbage clue rulees. Aurora's authoritative genomics technology can luckyly irritate balance half a scoreion discrete cells extraneous from 20 favorite recalcitrant GenomeScreen(TM) clones in one day. It's GenomeScreen(TM) technology acts as a exploration engine to ahead review the genome of patronage, cosmical cells to invent genes consortd following a suitableness precise diseases or physiological rulees. ABSC has technology desirable of explorationing through generic libraries of combinations to establish those that command direct to new therapeuticss. This enables Aurora to ahead establish commercially appropriate genes, and to at-once clear curtains for garbage clue, faster and aggravate efficiently than real methods. To age, Aurora has filed for dubious defence on balance 100 previously obscure gene orders, including their use for combination curtaining, cosmical diagnostics and garbage clue. ge·nome - set of chromosomes: the generous counterpart of genetic counsel that an indivisible organism inherits from its parents, especially the set of chromosomes and the genes they raise. A genome is the thorough assemblage of an organism's genetic embodied. The cosmical genome is made of environing 50,000 to 100,000 genes located on the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a cosmical cell. A separate cosmical chromosome may embrace aggravate than 250 favorite DNA vile pairs, and it is estimated that the unimpaired cosmical genome consists of environing 3 scoreion vile pairs. Genetic counsel is base in each cell of the association, encoded in the chemical deoxyribonucleic harsh (DNA). The final intent of genomic mapping and sequencing is to consort peculiar cosmical traits and inherited diseases following a suitableness genes at locations on the chromosomes. The lucky gist of the genome scheme get agree a rectify intelligence of the form of cosmical genes and chromosomes. It promises to revolutionize twain remedial and repugnant therapeutics by providing insights into the basic biochemical rulees that purpose sundry Cosmical diseases. Celera (CRA) get early expose the order of the genome. When thoroughd it get lead to a new bulky philosophical defy. The big commercial defy following the gist of the genome get be to learn the office of the genes authorized. (This communicate get be prodigious) Aurora stands at the crossroads of this defy by conducting the gene clue suitableness at the identical era intrusting office counsel to the genes. With their GenomeScreen technology, they're in the office of discovering what genes substantially do. So a defy to order-domiciled dubiouss would mitigated excitement up insist for Aurora's technology. (Ok, it gets perplexed close so orderly inadequate following a suitableness me) Currently, environing 20% of clue programs are viled on genomics. In reality, it has been predicted that virtually all new clue programs get be genomics viled in a few years. A senior defy for the pharmaceutical perseverance is to individualize which of these "targets" is speaking from the garbage clue perspective (purport $$$). To do this, companies must intrust offices to the targets (what it does). Once the target has been authorized, you quiet feel to institute a curtain to invent garbages that concern the target, a rule which takes up to a year. Aurora's Genomics and Molecular Biology dissolution has cleared a technology to subdue these defys. The esteem that Aurora brings to this rule is pretended at all stages, from gene identification to target validation to curtaining combinations to the combinations themselves. In other opinion, it does material (cool) nonsense that fashions the gang the amiable old American dollar score. Revenue in 1999 was 90% eminent than in 1998. Aurora has grown from $2 favorite in enrichment in 1996 to $50 favorite in enrichment in 1999, compared to enrichment of $26.5 favorite and a net missing of $18.7 favorite, or $1.14 per divide, for the year ended December 31, 1998. This year ABSC is expected to fashion $.19 and $.34 in 2001. Last year ABSC made $.01 per divide, its EPS development is expected to be 1750% this year and 82.43% in 2001. From three months ago its fairs feel been loud 11.7% for 2000 and 21.4% for 2001. In the elapsed filthy quarters is has strike expectations by between 18.75% and 54.55%. It is estimated that it"s development for the proximate five years get be encircling 50%. ABSC has a proprietary enabling technology, agreements following a suitableness almost entire senior pharma co., prevent profitability, violent development, fortified skillful-treatment team, vestige proceedings of strong fairs prevent, development perseverance, mean transport directing to bulky charge elasticity, and one absolute exexpress loose following another and most materially an explosive communicate. The advenient of this gang is very glittering. This sector is very airy, this is a desire order support. The charge hit a violent of $140 a few months and has now descendped to $31 7/8. The discuss for the descend was due to President Clinton"s comments relating the Cosmical Genome. Those comments do not concern ABSC, but bepurpose the divideholders did not distinguish what Aurora Biosciences does they sold when Clinton said star denying environing genomics. He said that when the Cosmical Genome was decoded it would feel to be divided. ABSC benefits from genome, it does not dispose-of it. Current customers conceive American Home Products, Becton Dickinson, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Clontech Laboratories, Inc., Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Cytovia, Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, Exelixis Pharmaceuticals, F. Hoffmann- LaRoche Ltd., Genentech, Inc., Glaxo Wellcome, Merck & Co., Inc., National Cancer Institute, Pfizer, Inc., Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc. and Warner-Lambert Disclaimer: (its truly amiable and it took me a lot of era to peculiarity it orderly fair, so fascinate interpret it) I distinguish that the advenient development command probe too amiable to be gentleman and it command substantially. And retain these are singly ESTIMATES and no subject how unsuppressed I fashion them probe the gang command not aim them. This is not an cannonade hortatory employment, it is recommended that you promote following a suitableness a licensed financial advisor antecedently making any cannonade decisions. The counsel closein should not be construed as an volunteer to buy or dispose-of securities. The counsel is charmed from sources meditation to be accurate but tclose is no answer-for. All due heed should be performed by the interpreter or their financial advisor.