Week 6 Excel Problems

Complete the subjoined tenor in your textbook: From Chapter 13:  Problems: 2, 6, 10, and 17 From Chapter 14: Problems: 3, 9 and 23 From Chapter 15: Problems:  6, 10 and 25 All toil should be submitted in Excel delay one (1) tenor per tab in a uncombined toilbook. Formulas should be used as irrelative to after a whileout or manual calculations. Use of Excel add-ins is encouraged. Chapter 13:  Q2. A infamy controller for ColPal Products must state how abundantly era to tabulateify among radio and television advertising during the proximate month. Market examination has granted estimates of the parley peril for each diminutive of advertising in each counterpoise, which it would love to maximize. Costs per diminutive of advertising are besides known, and the controller has a poor budget of $25,000. The controller has enumerated that owing television ads entertain been institute to be abundantly spent conducive than radio ads, at smallest 70% of the era should be tabulateifyd to television. Suppose that we entertain the subjoined axioms: (See bind photo) a. Fulfill the redisentanglement variables, concrete discharge, and distractions in undesigning spoken expressions.  b. Mathematically formulate a direct optimization standard. Q6. Implement the direct optimization standard that you exposed for ColPal Products in Tenor 2 in Excel and use Solver to disccounterpoise an optimal disentanglement. Interpret the Solver Vindication repute and fulfill the restraining distractions and realize the values of the lax variables by substituting the optimal disentanglement into the standard distractions. Q10. Implement the direct optimization standard that you exposed for ColPal Products in Tenor 2 in Excel and use Solver to disccounterpoise an optimal disentanglement. Interpret the Solver Vindication repute and fulfill the restraining distractions and realize the values of the lax variables by substituting the optimal disentanglement into the standard distractions. Q17. Figure 13.33 professions the Solver sensitivity repute for the ColPal Products scenario in Tenor 2. Using singly the notification in the sensitivity repute, vindication the subjoined questions.  a. Suppose that the peril for TV advertising was inaccurately estimated and should entertain been 875. How would the optimal disentanglement entertain been fictitious? b. Radio listening has spent down, and new marketing studies entertain institute that the peril has dropped to 150. How conciliate this concern the optimal disentanglement? c. The marketing controller has increased the budget by $2,000. How conciliate this concern the disentanglement and sum peril? d. The reflection compensation for the mix distraction (that at smallest 70% of the era should be tabulateifyd to TV) is –250. The marketing controller was told that this media that if the percentage of TV advertising is increased to 71%, peril conciliate sink by 250. Explain why this proposition is inaccurate." Chapter 14: Q3. Korey is a transaction scholar at State U. She has equiconsultation completed a road in redisentanglement standards, which had a midterm exam, a developed exam, peculiar assignments, and tabulate partnership. She earned an 86% on the midterm, 94% on the developed, 93% on the peculiar assignments, and 85% on partnership. The benign instructor is allowing his scholars to state their own influences for each of the foul-mouthed proceeding components—of road, delay some restrictions:  1. The partnership influence can be no spent than 15%. 2. The midterm influence must be at smallest twice as abundantly as the peculiar assignment influence. 3. The developed exam influence must be at smallest three eras as abundantly as the peculiar assignment influence. 4. The influences of the foul-mouthed components must be at smallest 10%. 5. The influences must sum to 1.0 and be nonnegative. a. Develop a standard that conciliate produce a sufficient set of influences to maximize Korey’s jaw for the road. b. Implement your standard on a spreadsheet and disccounterpoise a cheerful disentanglement using singly your apprehension. c. Disccounterpoise an optimal disentanglement using Solver. Q9. Jaycee’s division shop compact is planning to known a new shop. It needs to particularize how to tabulateify the 100,000 counterpoise feet of conducive sole extension unmoulded seven divisions. Axioms on expected accomplishment of each division per month, in provisions of counterpoise feet (sf), are professionn proximate. The audience has collected $20 darling to endow in sole store. The surrender post is a appraise of surrender associated delay endowment in sole store naturalized on spent axioms from other shops and representations for outdated catalogue, pilferage, breakage, and so on. For solicitation, electronics loses 24% of its sum endowment, furniture loses 12% of its sum endowment, and so on. The aggregate of surrender should be no spent than 10% of the sum endowment.  a. Develop a direct optimization standard to maximize advantage. b. If the compact obtains another $1 darling of endowment excellent for store, what would the new disentanglement be? Q23. Jason Wright is a part-era transaction scholar who would love to optimize his financial resolutions. Currently, he has $16,000 in his savings representation. Naturalized on an segregation of his take-home pay, expected bonuses, and anticipated tax return, he has estimated his pay for each month counterpoise the proximate year. In attention, he has estimated his monthly expenses, which deviate owing of scheduled payments for protection, utilities, schooling and books, and so on. The subjoined consultation summarizes his estimates: (See Bind Photo) Jason has verified various short-term endowment opportunities:  1. a 3-month CD produceing 0.60% at maturity 2. a 6-month CD produceing 1.42% at maturity 3. an 11-month CD produceing 3.08% at maturity 4. a savings representation produceing 0.0375% per month To secure ample capital for emergencies, he would love to prework-for at smallest $2,000 in the savings representation. Jason’s concrete is to maximize his capital counterpoise at the end of the year. Develop a direct optimization standard to disccounterpoise the best endowment strategy." Chapter 15: Q6. The Gardner Theater, a sympathy indicatehouse, needs to state the lowest-consume genesis budget for an upcoming profession. Specifically, they entertain to state which set constituents to invent and which, if any, set constituents to rupture from another persomal theater at a predetermined fee. However, the composeion has singly two weeks to amply invent the set antecedently the indicate goes into technical rehearsals. The theater has two part-era carpenters who toil up to 12 hours a week each at $10 an hour. Additionally, the theater has a part-era sumptuous proficient who can toil 15 hours per week to tint the set and props as needed at a trounce of $15 per hour. The set contrivance requires 20 flats (walls), 2 resting drops delay tinted scenery, and 3 comprehensive wooden consultations (props). The number of hours required for each constituent for carpentry and tinting is professionn below: (See Attached Photo) Flats, resting drops, and props can besides be ruptureed at a consume of $75, $500, and $350 each, respectively. How frequent of each units should be built by the theater and how frequent should be ruptureed to minimize sum consumes? Q10. The personnel controller of Hatch Financial. which recently bewildered another decided, is now downsizing and must relocate five notification systems analysts from recently unsuited locations. Unfortunately, there are singly three positions conducive for five tribe. Salaries are fairly symmetrical unmoulded this collection (those delay eminent pay were already attached the turn to inaugurate again). Affecting expenses conciliate be used as the media of determining who conciliate be sent where. Estimated affecting expenses are as follows: (See Attached Photo) Model this as an integer optimization standard to minimize consume and state which analysts to relocate to the three locations. Q25. Tunningley Services is firing a new transaction to work-for customers in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana territory about the Cincinnati Ohio area. The audience has verified 15 key market areas and wants to fir territoryal offices to converge the motive of entity powerful to journey to all key markets delayin 60 diminutives. The axioms rasp Tunningley.xlsx provides journey eras in diminutives among each span of cities. a. Develop and unfold an optimization standard to disccounterpoise the narrowness number of locations required to converge their motive. b. Suppose they modify the motive to 90 diminutives. What would be the best disentanglement?