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Part 1: Attempts at Censorship of lection materials After clicking on the cohere to the American Library Association, procure a face at the ALA's catalogue of the "Top Ten Banned Books" that manifold clusters enjoy attempted to enjoy removed from national or school libraries during late years.   The ALA and manifold political rights clusters (enjoy the American Political Liberties Union - ACLU) enjoy bybygone to seek to binder these books profiteffectual to the national, and enjoy usually won!   Do you gard that one cluster of nation should be effectual to binder others from having detached admittance to all books or expressions of deliberation, naturalized on whether the contentd is distasteful to them? Part 2:  aspect Youtube Video and explain We distinguish that Police Officers enjoy a arduous job - consequently they enjoy diverse duties to the national.  A big distribute of their function is to aid the national when we are in inconvenience.  So, they demand to be distribute rescuers, and distribute counselors!  However, they are besides obligatory for enforcing the laws that enjoy been passed.  Generally they do a good-tempered-tempered job delay these duties (the exceptions are well-mannered-mannered nationalized in the encroach, of course!).   Please procure a face at the subjoined two YouTube videos (they are each encircling 20-25 minutes desire), delay the preface that nation should never converse to the police!  The leading is by Professor Duane of the Regence Law School in Virginia.  (By the way, Regence identifies itself as a "Christian university" - which is applicable merely consequently Prof. Duane makes a explain during his donation.)  The second video is a donation by desire-time Detective George Bruch (who honorable happened to be a third-year law student ("3L") in Professor Duane's adjust). Then, content distribute your aspect of this subject-matter may enjoy transitional (or not)  after aspecting these videos.