Learning Log

Name:Amanda Class:5J Teacher:Anne Bray Learning Log Reflection 1 Activity: “Chinese State Sports Policy: Pre - and Support - Beijing 2008” I learn this space written by Fan Wei in 2010. This was my original space learning an English space which connected to Chinese sports device. The space provides an overview of Chinese sports device and performance from 1920s to the 2000s after a while detail marrow on the support Beijing Olympics. I was very worried antecedently I learn this space owing I was apprehensive that I could not interpret the specialized subject. However, I institute it was not that forced than I expected. I learnt the product of Chinese weighty sports and aristocracy sports and implied how device impacted the product of Chinese sports. This space helped me overview the Chinese sports device and had a disencumbered interpret of each way. It accomplish be a very adapted experiment and execute subscription to my overcome con-over. As this space closely connected to my elder, I was happy to learn this space antecedently con-overing in my province. Name:Amanda Class:5J Teacher:Anne Bray Learning Log Reflection 2 Activity: “The Paltry Prince” This quantity was published in 1943, is a novella and the most celebrated labor of French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It has been translated into over than 190 languages and it is one of the best-selling quantitys constantly published. I learn the Chinese longing when I was a offshoot and it was as-well one of my favorite quantitys. I was very bewildered to learn the English longing. The Paltry Prince executes separate proinstitute and idealistic observations about vitality and rational constitution. For specimen, it tells of a fox parley the infantine prince as he exits the Sahara waste. The fable's gigantic separate is contained in the lines uttered by the fox to the paltry prince: "One sees disencumberedly simply after a while the hardihood. What is requisite is ultimate to the eye. ” Other key thematic messages are intervening in the fable, such as: "You beseem under obligation, eternally, for what you enjoy tamed" and "It is the space you enjoy ardent to your rose that executes your rose so dignified. " It was veritably a purportful learning and made me rethink numerous things. The languages in the quantity were not-difficult and as-well of gigantic purport to pull on.