Components of a Research Study

Resources: The Week Two Annotated Bibliography assignment and the Questions to Prompt Critical Thinking muniment As a team, excellent one peer-reviewed term from the Week Two Annotated Bibliography assignment, and revisal the Questions to Prompt Critical Thinking muniment.   As a team we chose Patient Safety Please music, the excellented term must be obtained from the University of Phoenix library.  Please fashion unquestioning the term has sections including pictureless, setting, methods, results and argument.    This is the term that was clarified from the university of phoenix library Kane, R. L., Shamilyan, T. A., & Mueller, C., S. Duvall, T. J. Wilt (2007,December) . Patient Safety. The Association of Registered Nurse Staffing Levels and Patient Outcomes : Systemic Revisal and Meta-Analysis, 45(12) , 1195-1204. Write a 200- 300 term stipulation that answers the questions outlined in the Questions to Prompt Critical Thinking muniment.  Which is con-over the guile. Format your stipulation according to APA guidelines. Cite the peer-reviewed term excellented for your stipulation.