Assignment 5: Designing and Developing an e-Learning Course – Part 3

  Click the attach overhead to acquiesce your assignment. Students, fascinate apprehension the "Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment" in the Student Center. Instructors, luxuriance on how to walk is amid the Instructor Center. Assignment 5: Cunning and Developing an e-Learning Series – Part 3 Due Week 10 and estimate 200 points This is a duration of assignment 4.  Preparation: Click hither to admission the CourseSites Tutorial Series.   Go to the Series sites Website and go through the tutorials. You get use this Website to make your series. Write a five to six (5-6) page tractate in which you: Part A Series Gratified - Described List the three to five (5)  letters outcomes for Weeks 4-6 of order. Design  a weekly register for Weeks 4-6 of order that grasps: (a)  Topic(s) and (b) letters outcomes that are aligned after a while the topics. Include in the weekly register (a) two (2) disround questions for each of the three (3) weeks and (b) required activities. List two (2) assignments: (a) an essay criterion after a while three (3) questions and (b) a despatches assignment. Discuss at latest two (2) challenges and two (2) benefits after a while the way of cunning and developing this mini online series. Part B Blackboard Shell – Developed Build gratified areas for Weeks 4-6 of order in the series shell. (Note:  Each gratified area must grasp at latest one ace that has 3-4 adequated  power points slides pertaining to the gratified and apprehension inclosure of  your mini-course. Use the steps listed Week 4-Part A to adequate this  task.) List three to five (3-5)  letters outcomes for the latest three (3) weeks of order. (Use the steps listed from Week 4-Part A to adequate this work.) Build  in the weekly register for Weeks 4-6 of order that grasps: (a)  Topic(s) and (b) letters outcomes that are aligned after a while these topics.  Use the steps listed from Week 4-Part A to adequate this work. Create a new forum and call it Weeks 4-6 Disround Forum. Provide  (a) two (2) disround questions grounded on the instruction presented for  Weeks 4-6 and (b) required activities in the weekly register. (Post the  two (2) disround questions by creating a new line for each  question.) Develop  three (3) essay questions by creating an assignment in the Assessments  attach (Left Series Menu) grounded on the gratified from Weeks 4-6. Use the  steps listed from Week 4-Part A to adequate this work. Develop  the Gradebook, ensuring that all the assignments, discourses, and  quizzes are graspd after a while the after a whilehold points and feasible efficacy.  (Control Panel>Grade Center>Full Walk Center.) Your written assignment must ensue these formatting requirements: Be  typed, envelop spaced, using Times New Roman font (dimension 12), after a while  one-inch margins on all sides; citations and regards must ensue APA.  Check after a while your bigot for any subjoined orders. Include  a shelter page containing the denomination of the assignment, the student’s  name, the bigot’s call, the series denomination, and the epoch. The shelter  page and the regard page are not graspd in the required assignment  page elongation. The unfair series letters outcomes associated after a while this assignment are: Design an online letters trial. Plan the media required to livelihood an online letters trial. Use technology and instruction media to examination issues in speculation and performance of e-Learning. Write lucidly and concisely encircling speculation and performance of e-Learning using peculiar despatches mechanics. Click hither to apprehension the grading rubric for this assignment.