Submit a Word muniment that addresses each of the following: Chapter 14         Define and portray the inconstant web. Describe the divergent generations of cell phones. Describe how smartphones disagree from settled cell phones. Select a inconstant or unwritten webresidence that interests you.  Describe the residence in conditions of the ecosystem that makes up the residence’s  user proof. Describe how web pages disagree from apps and how apps disagree from widgets. Discuss why developers say that HTML5 allure impel inconstant solutions. Describe some fruit best practices for subtle solutions for the inconstant shade. Chapter 15         Define urbane governance. Discuss the events that led up to the deficiency for increased urbane governance. Define affair strategy. List five potential affair strategies. Discuss the object of the Capability Maturity Model. Define auditing. Define interior curb and prepare an development of a curb. Discuss the role Sarbanes/Oxley has played after a while deference to urbane governance. Define IT governance. List factors one should revolve after a while deference to superior the shade. Your responses should be submitted as a Word muniment and the monograph  should accord to APA format and diction. Your answers should be written in  your own vote. Include adapted citations to any sources you used in  your answers