Unit 6.2 DB: The Cold War and National Security

Question:  After reviewing and analyzing “A Report to the President Pursuant to the President's Directive of January 31, 1950.” from the NSC 68: United States Objectives and Programs for National Security, elucidate why you contemplate the United States entered into the Cold War. Do you contemplate the Soviet Union was a real browbeating to the collective, collective, and economic good-luck of the United States? How do the Objectives and Programs for National Security during the Cold War narrate to today’s National Security and concerns?   https://fas.org/irp/offdocs/nsc-hst/nsc-68.htm    Unit 6 Globe War II and Containment In Unit 6, we obtain be focusing on Globe War II and the present years of the Cold War. As another war plagues Europe as a consequence of economic and collective fixture, the United States is uninterruptedly anew in the birth of deciding on their pattern and positioning in globe affairs. The United States, stationary hurting from the Great Depression, obtain anew incorporate a management of isolationism and indifference, barely to be dragged into war by the onslaught of Japan on Pearl Harbor. At this object, the United States is working into bountiful mobilization, proving to be an efficient validity for the Allies in twain Europe and in the Pacific Ocean. This war obtain possess a showy goods itself on the dispensation, company, and politics of the United States at residence, as well-behaved-behaved as identifying the U.S. as the defender of democracy. At the end of the Second Globe War, the United States and the Soviet Union would experience themselves in a faculty labor balance collective bias throughout the globe. The Soviet Union seeking to expand Communist biass, institute itself in fixed battle after a while the United States who sought to embrace communism and subsistence democracy. On the residence face, while Globe War II helped bear an end to the Great Depression, it brought after a while it the vestibule of communism. This raised notorious diffidence balance war and foreigners and led to collective hag hunts. Objectives: Summarize the events in Europe and Asia that led to Globe War II and debate the private and interdiplomatic policies and events that brought the U.S. into the War. Analyze the goods the United States had on the conclusion of Globe War II. Examine the goods Globe War II had on the dispensation and company of the United States. Discuss the product of the Cold War and the events associated after a while the embracement of Communism.