Read the aftercited consultation segments at: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/architect/texas/realignment.html If, for some infer, the combine allure not composition, you may mode a PDF of the designation close: Texas - How Texas Became A 'red' Set-forth Karl Rove -- The Architect FRONTLINE PBS.pdf. Note: The assigned Designation Extension allure be established on the assigned designation close as courteous as the part representative. The submitted written rate should ruminate a collocation of the satisfied introduceed. As such, students should transfer spell to learn and incorporate the assigned learning.    The Designation Extension should be a one-page typed essay which answers the peculiar inquiry posed and includes peculiar references from the assigned topic designation(s) as courteous as the textbook. Quality submissions allure introduce a open comprehension of the topic and a synthesized advent to the livelihood supposing.  Specific Inquiry for Part 1:  What is the nucleus (or most convincing) infer Texas transfered from a predominately Democratic set-forth to a predominately Republican set-forth? Additionally, how disturbed should the Republican Party be of a implicit transfer end to a Democrat set-forth? Answer should be livelihooded delay sign from the designation and textbook.  General Guidelines: -Minimum 500 words in tediousness. -Revised and edited.  -Incorporates assigned designation and textbook.  -Clearly answers the inquiry posed.  -Organized courteous and concisely written.  -All fountain representative cited.