Help with assignment about hackers

---If you are not going to unravel the undiminished interrogation and sentiment and unravel the undiminished benevolence, I am not animated in your assistance--- Question: Describe the characteristics of a usual hacker. Then prepare descriptions of six usual stamps of hackers, established on psychical characteristics. The incongruous stamps of hackers that you entertain to picture and forge on in the assignment: -Pioneers. Individuals who are fascinated by the evolving technology of telecommunications and explore it externally polite-informed precisely what they are going to experience are designated pioneers; few hard-core criminals are root discurrent this order. -Scamps. Hackers after a while a purport of fun, after a while no scheme to injury, are referred to as scamps.  -Explorers. Explorers are hackers motivated by their ecstasy in discoveries associated after a while infringement into new computer rules—the farther detached geographically such rules are from the hackers’ tangible locations or the past assure such rules are, the greater the perturbation associated after a while infringement into them.  -Game players. Frolic players possess defeating software or rule observation refuge and may follow to illegally advance computer rules after a while frolics to play. Hacking itself becomes a frolic for this order of hacker.  -Vandals. Malicious hackers who deliberately purpose impairment after a while no notorious fabricate for themselves are designated vandals. The peculiar 414 Gang in Milwaukee, which broke into the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute’s computers and wiped out resigned chronicles, is an specimen of this stamp of hacker.  -Addicts. Classic computer nerds who are addicted to hacking and to computer technology are addicts. They may as-polite be addicted to illicit drugs (some hacker bulletin table rules support advice on drugs as polite as on modems, passwords, and tender rules)