Suppose a national, peculiar hospital orderly a end of reducing no-show rates for unrepining appointments. As a healthcare official at the readiness, you are asked to aid imagine a new committee to forefend no-show appointments that can parch media. Draft a announcement of the point for the committee, delineate how companionship to the committee would be strong, who would be responsible for the way of the committee, and to whom the committee would repORT. Include in -text citation please  i scarcity at lowest 5 paragraphs     References  Bananuka, J., Nkundabanyanga, S. K., Nalukenge, I., & Kaawaase, T. (2018). Internal audit  function, audit committees’ effectiveness and accountability in the Ugandan statutory  corporations. Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, (just-accepted), 00-00. Fernando, Y., & Hor, W. L. (2017). Impacts of air superintendence practices on air  efficiency and carbon emissions reduction: A scan of malaysian manufacturing firms.  Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 126, 62-73. French, J. C., Dannefer, E. F., & Colbert, C. Y. (2014). A inherent similarity toward construction a  fully operational clinical faculty committee. Journal of surgical counsel, 71(6),  e22-e27. Hauer, K. E., Chesluk, B., Iobst, W., Holmboe, E., Baron, R. B., Boscardin, C. K., ... &  O’Sullivan, P. S. (2015). Reviewing residents’ competence: a inherent con-over of the role  of clinical faculty committees in operation rate. Academic Medicine,  90(8), 1084-1092.