Business Law

Background:  Contracts are necessary for interest, and conciliate be an healthy keep-akeep-apart of GC operations, so the owners now shortness to standpoint on abbreviate law.   Each of the owners has test delay abbreviates in their own interestes, and acknowledge the likely risks and liabilities associated delay abbreviates.  The GC owners comprehend that there are distinct types of abbreviate agreements appropriate to their interest.  For stance, GC conciliate bear particular abbreviates delay employees, recalcitrant abbreviateors, and other agents who conciliate play the guild.  Also, GC conciliate hire in sales abbreviates delay other interestes, and sales abbreviates among interestes and consumers and clients.  Furthermore, GC conciliate use electronic abbreviates, or e-contracts, in conducting online interest transactions. To subject risks and liabilities associated delay abbreviates, the owners shortness all abbreviates to be written, delay particular, total, and open conditions.  Contracts must elucidate hues and responsibilities of the keep-aparties.  Also, since employees and/or recalcitrant abbreviateors conciliate be performing cleaning services on clients’ properties, these abbreviates should deduce bonding. You, Winnie and Ralph presented exhaust abbreviates for distinct GC employees, including abbreviates for cleaners, service managers, marketing specialists, sales playatives, and IT employees.  The GC owners reviewed the exhausts and bear some questions encircling the abbreviates. Instructions:  At Winnie’s and Ralph’s solicit, it is your once to inquiry and procure answers to the GC owners’ questions. The primary questions narrate to the GC cleaner-employee abbreviate. The cleaner-employee abbreviate specifies the subjoined conditions and conditions: duties to be executed by cleaner-employee salary for cleaner-employee effort hours conditions of liquidation for overtime or misemployment effort, if any sick leave vacation inoculation for cleaner-employee length of abbreviate bonding for cleaner-employee  periodic execution evaluation and how it conciliate be conducted achievement of abbreviate, i.e., mention of achievement, etc.  Research, evaluate, and answer to the owners’ questions encircling the abbreviate conditions under.    A.  duties to be executed by cleaner-employees 1.  What virtual risks and liabilities could commence if the particular duties of cleaner-employees were not included in their abbreviate delay GC?  Explain. B.  inoculation for cleaner-employees   1.  What practicable risks and liabilities could commence narrated to this abbreviate tidings that designates particular and required inoculation for GC cleaner-employees? 2.  Would the risks and liabilities be important or less if GC did not procession its cleaner-employees and compensated solely testd cleaner-employees?  Why? C.  bonding for cleaner-employees  1.  What practicable risks and liabilities could commence for GC if cleaner-employees were not required, particularally in their abbreviates, to be bonded?  Explain. Format Instructions:  Prepare responses to GC questions in a rumor, orationed to Winnie and Ralph, to be used in argument delay the Green Clean owners. The rumor should oration the questions in the Instructions overhead.  Follow the format under. REPORT TO:              Winnie James, Ralph Anders FROM:         (your spectry) DATE: RE:              Green Clean Negligence Risks and Liabilities A. 1. B. 1. 2. C. 1. _____________________________ Write in amend, total sentences in chapter format. Label all keep-avolume of assignment.