Best Practices

 Details: Your foremost has noticed how courteous you divulge letters objectives, regulate collecters to set particular goals, and regulate collecters to self-assess and mark their advance. Because of your successes using these best practices, he has asked you to introduce these methods in an upcoming administrative bud. Part 1: Best Practices Presentation  *fashion a 10-12 slide digital introduceation of evidence-based best practices kindred to advance monitoring, communicating letters objectives, self-assessment, and providing telling feedback. The introduceation should enclose the subjoined components: How you divulge letters objectives to your systematize and mete collecter result of the identified letters objectives. How you result collaboratively after a while collecters to settle letters goals and mark particular advance. How you second collecters in analyzing their result, tribute results, and maintenance mark of their own advance. How you contribute telling, descriptive feedback to your collecters. Include a denomination slide, allusion slide, and introduceer’s notes. Support your findings after a while a poverty of three conversant resources. Part 2: Summary In 500-750 words embody and test the order of implementing your best practices in communicating objectives, advance monitoring, and providing telling feedback. Answer the subjoined in your summary: What is the rate of analyzing result facts? Discuss the swing instructional planning has on gaps and patterns. How can the best practices enclosed in your introduceation apprise instructional planning? How are letters gaps and patterns addressed? How does the systematizeroom sphere swing collecters’ reliance in letters independently and portico ownership of their academic advance? How does examination and the bud of higher-order skills advance collecter pledge and motivation to collect? Support your findings after a while a poverty of three conversant resources. Submit your introduceation and thought as one deliverable.