Topic: Chapter 14 – “A Strategic Approximation to Enterprise Betray Superintendence at Zurich Insurance Group” Overview: This predicament consider focuses on how Zurich uses a multiformity of methodologies and tools to husband its affair betray. Zurich's betray profiling is a focused and disciplined approximation to identifying, assessing, and monitoring holistic betrays and amendment actions needed. By embedding this methodology into its betray culture, this has accelerationed determine its betray husbandment culture is consonant and effectual opposite its diverse affair units. More notice on Zurich's Strategic Betray Superintendence is-sue can be base at Review the predicament consider in Chapter 14 of the textbook. Please teach the following: 1. How do Zurich ERM tools acceleration them amend recognize their bulky and emerging betrays? 2. How are Zurich’s betray roles and responsibilities impacting their betray culture? 3. Provide at lowest two examples of how Zurich has created new rate through their ERM program. Guidelines for Submission: Using APA 6th edition fashion standards, yield a Word instrument that is 3 pages in extension (still distinction page, references, and appendices) and involve at lowest two likely knowing references to foundation your findings. *****Template is sturdy*****